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What You Need To Know About Electric Cars

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Without a doubt, electric cars are gaining momentum and by 2030, there will be an abundance on the road because the government is set to ban petrol and diesel car production.  It’s all about protecting the environment, as well as modernising the way we get from A to B.  That said, people are choosing to scrap cars in Herts in favour of different modes of transport, walking, cycling, using public transport or just because they no longer want the guilt of owning a petrol or diesel car anymore!  At UKCarMovement, we’ve noticed a huge influx in Hertfordshire car scrapping over the past 12 months and more so with the pandemic.  People just don’t need their cars as much as before, choosing to work from home or reducing their family cars from 2 down to just one.  As we are the most reputable scrap car dealer in Herts, it’s no surprise that we’re busy!  So, if you’re thinking of getting rid of your scrap car in London, whether it’s because it’s old, broken or you don’t need it anymore, for the best car scrap prices in Herts, choose UKCarMovement.  Contact us here for your free, no-obligation quote.

Of course, as with any new technology, there are advantages and disadvantages too.  Electric cars are still relatively new and there have been a few hiccups that have needed to be ironed out.  At UKCarMovement, we scrap petrol and diesel cars in Herts, but we also scrap electric cars – there’s a difference, we have to handle electric car recycling in a slightly different way but as car scrapping professionals in Herts, we know what we’re doing.  Let’s debunk some of the myths surrounding electric cars.

Electric Car Batteries are Difficult to Dispose Of

Disposal of any car battery, electric or not, is a specialist process and must be handled with care by an expert car scrapping service in Herts.  Electric car batteries can be recycled.  At the moment, electric vehicles’ battery recycling allows us to recycle around 50% but recycling targets are changing, and, in the future, we should be able to recycle much more.  When we recycle electric vehicles, we have to transport them to mainland Europe where there’s a specialist facility.  This means that batteries cannot be recycled here in the UK but that will change because hopefully, later on, this year, a few electric car battery recycling facilities will open here in the UK.  This will make our life easier and any cost savings due to reducing the transport necessary to send electric car batteries to Europe eventually be passed down to our customers too as we won’t need to organise the shipping process.  

Electric Vehicles Still Emit Dangerous Gasses

The truth is that electric vehicles still aren’t emission-free but because the UK produces sustainable energy, we can run fossil-free fuel – so eventually, electric vehicles will be zero carbon and won’t emit anything dangerous.  Remember, electric vehicles are an ongoing project and continue to refine and improve as newer versions are developed.

Manufacturing Electric Cars Uses Up Energy

In short, of course, it does but manufacturing any car uses up energy and building an electric car doesn’t use any more energy than building a petrol or diesel car.  So, don’t think by keeping an old, petrol or diesel car that you’re helping the environment, you’re not – it’s more harmful and even worse when your car is very old and has problems.  The likelihood is that a very old problematic car releases even more toxins into the air, so if you want to change that, then scrap my car for cash near me in Harlow – with UKCarMovement!

Hydrogen Cars Will Be More Important than Electric Cars

Undoubtedly, when hydrogen cars make an appearance there will be great accolade but they’re a long way off so the best solution, in the meantime, is to go electric if you’re considering an upgrade or you want to sell your car for scrap near me in Borehamwood and you want a new motor.  

Hydrogen cars will come but they’re years away at the moment. Hydrogen is an incredible source of energy, but it comes solely from renewable sources, it’s also expensive and difficult to transport so while the concept is brilliant, it needs to be carefully planned and executed and simply put, it’s just not ready for car use yet!

Electric Cars Will Overtake Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

The future will be electric but we’re still not quite there yet. However, technology is advancing at great speed, in another 10 years, there will be 18 million electric cars on the road.  It’s great that people are taking more care with their car purchases and that the governments (across the world) are also focusing plenty of time and energy on a greener environment.  

Let’s Do Our Bit for a Greener Future!

We can all do our little bit to be more eco friendly so if you’re staring at that scrapheap on your drive or you just don’t know what to do with that old runaround car that you hardly use, it’s time to step up and do your little bit for the environment!  Scrap my car near me in Stevenage is one of the best things you can do – you’ll be quids in, you’ll play a role in recycling your vehicle and you’ll stop poisonous gasses from floating into the atmosphere right on your doorstep. Scrapping a car near me in Enfield or the surrounding area is easy – UKCarMovement covers Essex, Hertfordshire and London, with free collection and delivery.   We provide same-day bank transfers and offer the best scrap car prices too.  We’ll endeavour to beat any quote you get or at least match it and as an ATF registered scrapyard, you know you’re in safe hands.  Get a quote for your old car today and help reduce your carbon footprint.  Where can I scrap my car near me in North London?  Simply click here

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