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Scrapping your car: Everything you need to know.

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So, the time for you to begin looking at the next stage of your motoring life has come, as your car is finally starting to show signs of its old age and beginning to have more and more issues by the mile.

After looking at multiple options, you have come to the hard truth that the only realistic path is to scrap your car in Hertfordshire. Well, if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. If you thought you were going to get a good price for your old car anywhere else, well, you’re going to get an even better price from UkCarMovement

How much can I get for my car as scrap? 

Well, to begin, there is no standard price that can be put forward for having your car scrapped as the price you’ll get fluctuates with the price of scrap metal as a whole, which is always changing from day to day. Because of this, you will not find any standard price listed on any scrap websites, as they would need to be updating the prices almost every day.

The general and sort of obvious rule are that the bigger and heavier your car is, the more it’ll be worth as scrap (because there’s more metal). Simply put, a larger family SUV like a KIA or any larger SUV car is going to have a lot more scrap to be available to be sold as scrap than a small sports car like a BMW, so it will be worth a bit more to us, who will, in return, be able to offer you a better price.

The make, model, age, and wear of the engine can also have an effect on the price of your car as scrap. Much like the second-hand car market, the higher price a car was valued when it was new, the more it could be worth as scrap.

Where can I look to scrap my car?

Scrapping cars only authorized treatment facility, and here at UkCarMovement, we have an increasingly large network of scrap car buyers and ATFs so that you can be confident and have the peace of mind of knowing your car will be being scrapped and recycled properly and it won’t cost you anything, at UkCarMovement after a quick look at the car we buy the car off you before our drivers take it! Our top-of-the-range collection service will travel through to collect your car, so even if you’re scrapping your car in Brentwood or scrapping your car in Aylesbury  , our drivers will be there come rain or shine.

Does it matter if I don’t have a V5C?

Having your V5C with your car will be an incredibly helpful and useful tool during the scrapping of your car, but if you don’t have your V5C at hand, it’s best to inform one of our drivers as soon as possible to ensure there are no unwanted shocks later towards the end of the scrapping process, If your V5C is lost, you can apply for a copy of it from the gov.uk website by providing your registration plate details, VIN/chassis number of the car and the name and postcode registered on your logbook, this, unfortunately, this means you will have to pay a £25 fee.  

Will my car sell for more whole, or should I break it up?

Breaking up your car into separate pieces may seem like a good way of making some additional cash, but you will most probably end up losing money, if anything, the labor and storage costs of doing it on your own while you’re extracting parts from the car could end up costing more than the price you get for the car, so its most probably best to just leave it to us to worry about that. As an additional issue, every component you remove from the car will knock some value off of the scrap value – an engine could set you £70 pounds down from your overall value, and a catalytic converter could cost you as much as £80 off your quote depending on the vehicle you are scrapping. 

If you have the know-how, time, and storage potential, then selling your car for salvage may be a more suitable option for you, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get some money off your old car, or if none of the parts seem useful for salvaging, then selling it for scrap Is the safest and quickest option.  

So, how much could I actually get for my car?

Now that we have explained just how much the scrap car market can fluctuate, the only way to give you an answer to your question would be to go to our scrap my car page and register the registration of your car along with your phone number and well call you to arrange a date time for collection as well as giving you a quote right there on the phone after asking a few questions, within seconds you’ll find yourself with a quote that can stop all the stressing of trying to get rid of your old car. Here at UkCarMovement, scrap your vans, so if you have a van you’d like to scrap, don’t hesitate to visit our scrap your van page and follow the steps to getting it off your hands in no time! So get started today and see how much your scrap car could be worth.

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