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Have You Received Your Ultra-Low Emission Zone Pay Out?

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If you drive in, out or through the capital city London regularly and you recently scrapped a car in Herts because it was affected by the Ultra-Low Emission Zone expansion, you may have been one of our customers!  At UKCarMovement, we’ve had so many customers looking to scrap a car near me for cash in Ware, using our FREE collection and delivery service to get rid of their non-compliant high emissions car.  These particular customers were concerned that their vehicle wasn’t suitable for The Mayor of London’s new ULEZ scheme and many told us they were also worried about the dangers of their diesel vehicle.  For example, did you know that diesel engine exhaust is now classed as carcinogenic by the WHO?  That means that it could cause cancer, it’s as bad, if not worse than smoking. So the ULEZ scheme does have plenty of benefits. Yes, it may well be aggravating to have to scrap a vehicle in London because it’s emissions are dangerous but, our customers told us that they wanted to take advantage of four things:

  • To scrap my car the same day in Broxbourne for cash
  • To help clean up the air in the city
  • To get a pay out from TFL for scrapping their polluting vehicle
  • To put that money towards a new, more eco-friendly vehicle that didn’t cost them money to drive into the capital

In just a few weeks on 25th October, ULEZ expands out of its current zone, and it could make a real difference to our roads.  Under the scheme, cars and vans that don’t meet the standards of emissions are charged a daily amount to use the zone.  The scheme is expanding out of the city and will be 18 times bigger than the current ULEZ area.  Driving a diesel?  It could mean that your vehicle isn’t compliant.  Only diesel vehicles registered since 2015 comply with ULEZ regulations.  The same applies to petrol vehicles registered since 2005.

ULEZ Charges

ULEZ costs non-conforming vehicle drivers £12.50 every time they drive into the area.  It is in force every day, all day, all year – except for one day, Christmas Day.  If you drive into the capital regularly, that £12.50 (plus congestion) will no doubt create quite a dent in your bank account.   Even more reason to look to scrap a vehicle for cash near me in Bedford or the surrounding area.  Not sure if your vehicle complies?  You can check it here; it literally takes a moment!  There are grants available for new vehicles for charities, small businesses, low income and disabled people who want to get rid of their vehicle and scrap a car in North London in favour of a compliant vehicle. There’s up to £2,000 for a car or van and £1,000 for a motorbike up for grabs.   Supposedly the money raised from the ULEZ scheme will be reinvested back to London transport, for public transport, the roads and for bicycle users.  Sadiq Khan has set aside £61 million for low-income Londoners, the disabled, small businesses and charities. It’s worth asking yourself whether you even need a vehicle? 

Have You Received Your ULEZ Pay-Out Yet?

However, did you know that only a third of Londoners who have scrapped their vehicle and requested TFL’s grant from the ULEZ scheme have actually received their pay out?  Are you one of them? The scheme has plenty of advantages, especially the promise of the ULEZ pay-out for those people who do scrap a car for cash the same day in Hertfordshire BUT, it’s been widely reported that not many people have received their promised money from the Mayor. While around 16,500 applications have been received, only approximately 5,500 pay-outs have been authorised to date. TFL say that the gap is due to some applicants not collecting their grant immediately or because many applications have been rejected due to lack of evidence or vehicles that don’t meet the criteria – let’s hope that’s the case and there aren’t any other delays relating to this hot issue! At UKCarMovement, if you want to scrap a car near me in Essex, London or Herts, we can help you find out if your car is eligible for the scheme.  It’s also worth mentioning that classic cars built before 1973 are exempt.  

We do know that so far, £9.3 million has been paid through various scrappage grants and over 100,000 non-compliant vehicles have been taken off-road.   There’s likely to be 100,000 cars and 35,000 vans driving into the ULEZ zone every day that will have to pay the charge.  Of course, you know what to do if you’re one of those drivers – scrap a car for cash today in Stevenage and remove that awful daily charge!

I Want to Scrap My Vehicle in Waltham Forest Today for Cash!

So, if you haven’t been paid out, do chase up your grant and help clean up London’s air.  Additionally, if you want to scrap a car near me today for cash in Epping, we can help.   We are Hertfordshire’s number one scrap car service.  We own our own ATF registered scrapyard (so we are completely legitimate) and we recycle cars carefully. Did you know that we are usually able to recycle 95% of every vehicle that we receive?  We also guarantee the best scrap car prices in London and Hertfordshire (Essex too) and with same-day cash into your bank account, there’s a lot to get excited about!   When you choose UKCarMovement to scrap a car in Essex fast, we can also organise free collection and delivery from any address in North London, Essex and Herts.  We’ll make it contactless toom for your complete safety.  Finally, we provide every customer with a Certificate of Destruction which serves as proof that you have scrapped a car in London (or nearby) – vital for you to use when applying for your ULEZ grant.  Click here to get a quote from our experienced customers services team.

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