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Understanding E10 Petrol Changes

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Yes – you’re in the right place again as UKCarMovement helps you debunk the E10 petrol changes that are about to come into effect this summer 2021.  What does it mean for your car?  Do you need to scrap a car near me in Hertford because of the changes?  What can you put in your car and what can’t you put in your car?   Remember, E10 isn’t just for cars, it’s for vans, mopeds and motorcycles too.  So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your vehicle and you want to understand if E10 will affect you selling your old car or van – perhaps it’s best to find out the best scrap car prices near me in Chelmsford as E10 could mean you won’t get as much for your car as you wanted. Let’s investigate this hotly debated issue a little more, with the best car scrapping service in Hertfordshire, UKCarMovement.

What is E10 Petrol?

E10 petrol, what does it mean?  It refers to the standard petrol grade used in the UK – that’s 95 octanes.  However, the change will affect some people as there are a few cars that aren’t compatible with this revised petrol grade, so what will you do if your vehicle doesn’t conform to E10 petrol?  Well, there’s a way round it and that’s by finding out where to scrap a car near me in Camden or Herts and Essex – UKCarMovement is the answer (more on what to do later).

The Reasons Why the UK Is Switching to E10 Petrol

The new E10 petrol grade is better for the environment than what we’re using at the moment (that’s E5 petrol).  It’s a more renewable petrol as it has more than 5% more ethanol than E5 – so, by making the switch, the new petrol grade will go a long way to reducing CO2 emissions.  Not only will this improve the air that we breathe here in the UK, but it will also help to slow climate change.  

Let’s look at some government stats.  The belief is that by bringing in E10 petrol, carbon dioxide emissions could be cut by a whopping 750,000 tons annually.   Car-wise, that’s the same as removing around 350,000 vehicles from the roads.  That’s a big impact and with the environment in the news every single day, it’s good to know that the government is making this monumental change.  

Is Your Car Compatible?

However, as we’ve already mentioned, some cars just aren’t compatible with the new E10 petrol grade.  If you’re one of those with a car that isn’t compatible, then there are options.  You could scrap a car in Essex, for example, or Herts and London too.  Finding the best scrap car dealer in Hertfordshire is easy – it’s UKCarMovement.  We have an ATF Registered scrapyard in Herts which means that we comply with the standards set by the government.  We carefully recycle up to 95% of car parts and as we own our own scrapyard, you get all the profit that’s due to you.  Remember, there are lots of scrap car dealers in London that don’t own their own scrapyard service and they sell a car on – pocketing half the profit so do your homework before scrapping a car in London, Essex or Herts.  We also offer the best scrap car prices near me in Borehamwood, so you always get a good deal.  In fact, we’ll go the extra mile to try and beat any quote you’ve already had.   Additionally, we collect all scrap vehicles in Essex, Herts and London from any address (contactless too for your safety) and we send your money the same day as you’ve scrapped a car in Abbots Langley (or anywhere else nearby!).  We should also mention that we issue you with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) to prove you’ve scrapped a car in Herts, London or Essex so you have the correct documentation.

How to Check If Your Car is Compatible with E10 Petrol

If you want to check your car’s compatibility, we’ll tell you how to do it.  It’s very easy, there’s a dedicated website to help you on the government’s website, you can find it here: https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol.  Simply click the link and read the information on the page – it’s straightforward, you start by selecting your vehicle make from the dropdown list and then press continue, you’ll get an instant answer.   If you’re still unsure, you can check your vehicle’s manual or open up your petrol cap and read the information in there.  Failing that, you can go direct to your vehicle’s manufacturer for the information.

Most vehicles will be compatible but there are some old cars, vans and motorbikes that date back to the beginning of the noughties that can’t use E10 and must continue with E5.  So, you’ll have to be careful what you put into your car and read the information on the forecourt to check that you’re using the right fuel.  Many petrol stations will continue to use E5 for a while but eventually, they will stop offering both E5 and E10.  If you’re considering getting rid of your car, this could be the best time to do it – so you won’t ever get caught short at a petrol station! Scrap a car near me for cash is easy – simply contact UKCarMovement here to find out what you could get for your E5 vehicle.

To make life a little easier for you – here are a few of the most popular cars that aren’t compatible with E5 petrol.  The Ford Mondeo 1.8 SCL (2003-2007) can only take E5.   Another car that isn’t compatible is the VW Polo 1.4 FSI (2002 to 2006) can’t use E10.

So hopefully now you understand what E10 is, why the government is making the switch (it’s a great idea from our side!) and what to do to check your vehicle’s compatibility.  If your vehicle isn’t compliant then why not scrap my car for cash near me in Welwyn and put the money towards a new, E10 compliant vehicle!   You know it makes sense… Click here to get your UKCarMovement best car scrapping price in Herts.

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