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ULEZ and Car Scrapping - What You Need to Know

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If you live in London (or the surrounding area and you travel into London by car regularly) then you’ll already be familiar with the term ULEZ – which stands for Ultra-Low Emissions Zone.  There are signs depicting it all over London and even on the outskirts too.  The idea behind ULEZ is to make the air cleaner and reduce pollution so we can all, quite literally, breathe easily.  Now, if you own a diesel car or a diesel van, it will also affect you because it means charging more for driving your vehicle into the centre.   ULEZ has also got a car scrapping scheme attached to it – so if you’re thinking about scrapping a van in Borehamwood or you want to scrap a car in Essex, you’ll want to know more about this scheme.  UKCarMovement has all the information ready for you – to make selling a car for scrap near me in Enfield or anywhere else really easy to understand. 

ULEZ – What It Means

Before we go into more detail about the car scrapping scheme let’s talk about what ULEZ means.  It was put forwards by Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor to reduce pollution from emissions in central London.  It is the same area as the congestion charge area and if you drive a car or van or another vehicle in Central London, you need to ensure you meet the ULEZ criteria.   This counts for petrol and diesel cars and vans.  They must comply with the emissions restrictions.  Driving into the ULEZ zone costs a standard charge of £11.50 daily but for large vehicles, it could cost up to £100 a day!  Since the COVID pandemic, ULEZ has been in operation every day of the week for 24 hours a day.  Whenever you travel into the capital, you have to pay and obviously, this could result in a heft bill for your business.  It’s worth checking if your vehicle meets the ULEZ criteria and you can do so by clicking here: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/check-your-vehicle/.   That’s one reason why people are looking to scrap a car near me in Harlow or Hertfordshire – it’s just costing too much to drive in and out every day.  People are seeing whether they can operate businesses from home or they’re taking to public transport more and more. With that in mind, it acts as a good introduction to the new car scrapping scheme in London. 

The London Car Scrappage Scheme

If you’ve just checked your car using the web link above and you’ve found it doesn’t comply so you’re paying a huge amount to drive into the capital – you might want to take advantage of scrapping a car in London under the new car scrappage scheme.  Do the calculations – work out what you’ll be paying driving in and out of the ULEZ zone and you’ll likely decide it’s time to find out “Where can I scrap my car near me in St Albans?” – and everywhere else in London, Herts and Essex.  Remember, with UKCarMovement, you get the best scrap car prices near me.

The scrappage scheme relates to people who have a business in the centre of London, so if you run a small business, own a charity or you’re a sole trader, scrapping a car in London could give you a little extra cash – it’s not just for one vehicle either you can scrap up to three vehicles that don’t meet ULEZ criteria (so they pollute the atmosphere with fumes).   You can choose from a variety of options, as follows:

  1. If you drive into the area regularly, then you could be entitled to up to £3,500 (that’s on top of the amount you’ll get from UKCarMovement when you scrap a car in Herts).  Your vehicle or vehicles need to have entered the zone a minimum of 52 times during the period between 22nd August 2018 and 22nd February 2019.   It also includes pre-Euro 6 diesel light vans – which are usually charity minibuses).
  2. If you scrap your vehicle and buy or lease a Euro 6 replacement vehicle, you’ll also be entitled to up to £3,500.   However, the scrap vehicle in London must be a pre-Euro 6 light van or a minibus that’s owned by a charity and both must not meet the required standards.  You need to replace the vehicle by buying, hiring or leasing a Euro 6 diesel light van.  You must also have your business or charity registered at a London address.
  3. The third option relates to scrapping your vehicle and contributing to its running costs, which includes insuring an electric car or van – this gives you a nice sum of £6,000.  The first £3,500 is for scrapping non-compliant vehicles (vehicles must be a pre-Euro 6 diesel light van or a minibus that’s charity owned) and then you’ll also receive £2,500 towards running a replacement electric vehicle (which includes your insurance).

With all of the above in mind, we’re sure that you want to scrap a car in Essex or you’re looking for van scrapping in London – whichever it is, UKCarMovement services the London, Essex and Herts area and it couldn’t be easier to use our service.  We’ll give you the best possible quote (even if you’ve already got one, check with us, we’ll likely beat it), we’ll collect your vehicle from any address in London, Herts and Essex for no charge at all and we’ll organise payment on the same day as scrapping, direct to your bank account.   We also issue you a Certificate of Destruction to prove that your car has been recycled and as we’re an ATF registered scrapyard, you know you can rely on us to scrap my car near me in Stevenage or anywhere else.

Ready to scrap a car for cash near me?  Click here to get your free, no-obligation quote and let’s all look forward to a greener future!

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