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Travelling with Children This Summer

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Well, we’re almost in the midst of school holidays and with COVID-19 restrictions lifting this month, it’s time to consider what you’re going to do for the summer holidays.  Traveling abroad is still a possibility but there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding flying off to warmer climates.  Lots of Brits are wary of being “pinged” before they’re set to get on a plane and with the extensive testing, the additional worry of countries moving from amber to red in the blink of the eye, it seems that the British staycation is the best option!  Traveling with kids can be tricky so UKCarMovement, the number one car scrapping service in Herts, has put together some useful tips before you set off, whether it’s caravanning, camping, a cottage by the beach or you’re off to a hotel in Cornwall.

Is Your Car Safe Enough to Travel?

First things first, is your car up for the journey?   If you’re going for a long drive and you’re on the motorway for extensive periods of time over the summer, do give your car a thorough check.  Are the tyres pumped up with enough air?  Is there any wear and tear on each tyre that needs addressing?  Look at your lights, it's an offense to drive without all of your lights in full working order – including indicator and brake lights.  While on the topic of brakes, are they engaging as soon as you put your foot on the pedal?  If not, then they might need replacement.  Is your exhaust working properly and if you have an electric car, are there plenty of charging points along your journey?  Make sure your oil and water are both topped up and check your fluids.  There’s nothing worse than being stranded on the hard shoulder waiting for assistance on a long journey with children!  If your car is not up to the journey, this could be a good opportunity to make a positive choice and scrap my car near me in Hatfield.  With UKCarMovement, we give you the best scrap car prices in London and transfer the money into your bank account on the same day.  So, you could have some extra cash that will definitely come in handy for your British Staycation!  Click here to find out more about the number one scrap my car in Herts the same day service.

Do You Have Enough Petrol?

Before you set off on your road trip, obviously fill up your petrol tank so you don’t have to worry about finding a services station on the motorway with an almost empty tank – that’s a stressful situation!   Check you have roadside assistance cover too – make sure it hasn’t expired because you never know when you might need it.  For extra long journeys, it’s a good idea to break it up with lunch on route, so book something in advance.  Pubs and restaurants get busy in the summer and if it’s a hot day (we can only hope!), you’ll want to be outside, so get it organised before you go.  Failing that, pack a picnic and find a nice park or some countryside to enjoy some R&R to refresh yourself for the second leg of your journey.  Stock up on drinks and snacks for the car and put together a playlist that all the family will enjoy singing along to.

Are the Kids’ Bored?

Kids get bored, within minutes.  So, make sure you’ve got plenty with you to entertain small people. iPads and headphones with some good Disney movies should keep kids occupied for a while, or good old-fashioned I-Spy or count the red cars, blue cars, black cars etc. All of these are fun pastimes to while away some journey time.  You could also play the story game, start with a line and each of the passengers in the car continue the story, that can be very funny!  Other ideas include getting the children to take photographs along the way and running a competition – the best and most creative picture wins, or perhaps the funniest photograph! The name game is another good one, start with any name and the next person has to come up with another name using the last letter, it gets tough believe us!

Feeling Nauseous

Be prepared for car sickness.  Little ones may feel queasy with long journeys so take a change of clothes and sick bags!  Wipes are always useful, a bin bag for rubbish and any clothes that get dirty and anti-sickness tablets before the journey if you know that travel sickness is fairly likely.

Finally – if you do scrap a car for cash near me and you’re worried about how you’re going to get to your great British vacation destination, there are other options.  You could always hire a car instead and that way, as long as you keep its petrol topped up and keep it in good condition, you have four wheels at your disposal whenever you want.  Heading to the seaside with no desire to drive?  Perhaps you want to flop and drop, the trainlines have an abundance of trains across the country and there’s a good taxi service almost everywhere.  Maybe you really don’t need a car anyway – so if you’re looking at your old, rusty car and wondering how it’s going to make a journey to the Cotswolds or down to Devon, perhaps to the South Coast, ditch it and scrap my car in Harlow for cash on the same day.  We’ll guarantee to issue your Certificate of Destruction on the day of car scrapping in London and as we’re an ATF registered scrapyard in Herts, you know you’re always in safe hands.  For free collection and delivery and to obtain the best scrap car price in Borehamwood, click here and get in touch. 

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