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Scrap Car Prices - What You Got For Your Scrap Car in Herts in July 2021

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For those of you who regularly keep an eye on our popular weekly car scrapping blog, you’ll know that we update you on what are the scrap car prices in London, Essex and Herts every month.  It’s a good idea to read this piece on what you could get for your scrap car in Essex, especially if you’re considering recycling your car soon because prices do fluctuate every month.  Having said that, over the past year, we’ve seen scrap car prices rise continuously since May 2020 – but July 2021 finally bucked the trend, only slightly though, with a tiny reduction of just 3% on average.   However, there’s still very much a good news story to publicise when it comes to scrapping a car near me in Barnet for cash, because while prices have dropped by just £9 on average since June 2021, the prices recorded last month were still the second biggest this year.   That’s a huge increase on last July 2020 – a whopping 56% to be exact!  In money terms, that increase is £90 higher on last year.  We are sure that the next month will continue to see growth and we will update you accordingly.  Let’s look at scrap car prices for July 2021 in more detail.

What Affects Scrap Car Prices?

Before we go into the current average car scrap prices in London, remember that scrap car prices are affected by lots of different factors.  

What’s taken into account?  Well, the make of your car makes a difference, as well as the model, the age of your scrap car in London, its weight, condition – and even the scrap yard that you choose.  

Choose Your Scrap Yard Wisely

When you choose UKCarMovement, you’re making a great decision! Based in Hertfordshire, we cover car scrapping in London, Herts and Essex and we guarantee that we’ll give you the best price in those areas.  We’re also importantly ATF registered, which means we’re reputable and follow the government guidelines when it comes to scrapping a car for cash near me in North London

Don’t be fooled into scrapping a car with any old scrap dealer – lots of illegal car scrapping services operate on a third party basis so will sell your car on, you won’t get all the profit, and you could still be liable for your scrap car. With UKCarMovement, we give you the best possible price for a scrap car in Essex and we make sure that you get all certification to prove you are no longer responsible for your old scrap car in Essex.   

Location also factors in when it comes to pricing. You might get a slightly better quote for a scrap car dealer in the North of the country, but that’s because the business rates and prices of running a scrap yard will be lower than ours. Generally, prices are slightly higher in the South. We’re aware of that so we are very fair to all of our customers and will always endeavour to beat a good quote, find out what your car’s worth and scrap a car for cash near me in Welwyn today!  

It’s also worth mentioning that we offer a completely free collection and delivery service, so that means you don’t have to pay extra to tow your vehicle to a scrapyard (worth considering when you get your scrap a car quote in London).  We’ll collect your van, bike or car from any address in Essex, London and Herts – offering a contactless service if you prefer too keeping you nice and safe.

How We Calculate the Average Scrap Car Price

The reliable UKCarMovement team does lots of research every month and takes an average price of all the cars scrapped at recycling hubs across the country.  The average takes into account all different aspects, including age, weight, model and car manufacturer – bear in mind, each of the above, as discussed affects the overall scrap car or scrap van’s value.  Our prices give you an average of what these cars are worth when scrapped.  So, for July, the top car scrapped in Herts, London and Essex was still the Ford Focus.   It’s been the top scrap car for a few months now and over the past year, has always appeared in the top five cars scrapped. The average price for scrapping a Ford Focus near me in Harlow has increased by 2% on last month, despite the overall car scrap price dropping slightly.  Perhaps this month if you have a Ford Focus you want to scrap you’ll get an extra £5 (on average) more than last month.  

The Vauxhall Astra moved up to second place (it was the third top scrapped car in June) and the Vauxhall Corsa dropped to third place (it was the second top scrapped car in June).  However, one surprise was that the price you’ll get for scrapping a Vauxhall Corsa near me in St Alban’s for cash dropped by 13%.

Top Five Scrap Car Prices

This month, you’ll get on average…

Ford Focus       £248

Vauxhall Astra £241

Vauxhall Corsa £224

Ford Fiesta       £219 (up on last month by 4%)

Peugeot 206    £218

Are you ready to find out how much your scrap car in London, Herts or Essex could be worth?  Get in touch with the friendly team at UKCarMovement and get a great quote for your car – we offer same day car scrapping near me in Hertford and give you your money direct to your bank account on the same day too.  For added peace of mind, there’s the free collection and delivery service as mentioned, plus we issue you with your all-important COD (Certificate of Destruction) which proves to the DVLA that you scrapped a car for cash in Herts with the number one car and van scrapping service, UKCarMovement.

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