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Scrap Car Prices in Herts, London and Essex - May Update

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We try to update you monthly on car scrap prices in Herts, London and Essex so here are the latest figures for last month, May 2021.   It’s been another encouraging month – and the trend to scrap a car in London continues to rise for the twelfth month running.  

Why More and More People are Scrapping Cars in London, Essex and Herts

If you’re wondering why people are scrapping cars in Essex over selling on an old or broken car, we’ll give you a quick overview first.  Car scrapping is the environmentally friendly way of getting rid of an irreparable or very old car – even a not so old car!  It’s also cost-effective because there’s no middleman involved as long as you choose a reputable scrapyard in Herts – like us, UKCarMovement.  We’re ATF registered which is really important because it shows that we comply with all the right legislation.  So, we part your car carefully when we recycle it ensuring that all recyclable material goes to the right place and as 95% of a car is recyclable, that’s really important.  We are also scrapyard owners so there’s no-one in between us.  Be careful when you look for a quality scrapyard in London because there are lots of people who will take your car and sell it onto a scrapyard, taking lots of your profit with them!  

Walk or Cycle

It’s also far more economical to only run one car so we’re seeing an upturn in people downsizing to one car per family.  The pandemic has changed the way lots of people work and millions are now working from home more than ever before.  That means there’s less need for two cars and public transport is pretty good nowadays, it’s cleaner than ever before and less crowded.  London, Herts and Essex have excellent transport links into the centre of town, so people are relying more and more on trains, the tube and busses.  They’re also walking and cycling more.  That scrapheap on your driveway could be turned into cash very soon!  We’ll tell you how to do it after we update you on current best scrap car prices in London.

Scrap Car Prices Continue to Rise

At the beginning of the year, the average scrap car price was above the £200 mark, a year ago, it was about £50 to £75 less and we’ve no doubt that COVID-19 impacted that price.  However, the last 12 months has really proven that less people want their cars plus getting rid of a scrap car in Herts is the best way to fast cash. Use it on a down payment for a new car or perhaps put it towards a break with the family, whatever you need cash for, UKCarMovement will deposit your scrap car cash in Essex direct to your bank account on the same day as scrapping.

The past month, May was an incredible month for scrap car prices in London.  The average price was £112 more than last May 2020 that’s an 83% rise on the year!  May was a better month than April too, we paid out £10 more on scrap cars in Herts than last month.  That’s because of metal prices and volume of cars scrapped.   Don’t forget, there are other things that influence car scrap prices in London, Herts and Essex.  The age of vehicle, whether all of its parts are intact, the weight, model and condition do make a difference.  No doubt you’d like to know which cars got the most money for scrap. Well, for the past year, the top paying scrap price for cars in Herts is the Ford Focus.  It only went up by 1% compared to last month April 2021 but it went up by 77% compared to last May 2020 with the average payment being £230 for a Ford Focus.

Vauxhall Corsas and Astras are Strong!

The Vauxhall Corsa went up by £11 on average to £219, that’s a 5% increase on last month and the Vauxhall Astra went up by £10 – that’s a 14% increase on last month.  Other very good increases include the Renault Clio with a £4 on average increase (2% up from April).  Interestingly, a Ford Fiesta dropped by 11% to £211 (but it did have a significant uplift from March to April). 

Ready to Scrap Your Car in London or Herts?

So, if you’re calling out “Scrap my car in Herts!” we don’t blame you!  If your car is doing nothing, sitting on the road or the street, save on tax, save on petrol and stop forking out money on costly repair bills – especially if your car spends more time in the garage than on the road!  UKCarMovement makes it super-easy to get your car scrapped in Essex, Herts or London.  Contact our friendly customer services team here to get your FREE, no-obligation quote.   If you already have a quote from elsewhere, let us know because we’re sure we can match it – perhaps even beat it!   

Free Scrap Car Collection – a Great Benefit!

Do take into account that we collect your car from any address in Herts, Essex or London for no extra charge (that saves a pretty penny if you need to organise a tow truck).   That collection will also be contactless for your safety, we just need your car keys and log-book to hand (leave it in the car or in a safe place).   Once we’ve got your car at our scrapyard in Herts, we’ll scrap it in an environmentally friendly way, transfer your money to your bank account (on the same day as scrapping) and we’ll issue you with your COD.  A Certificate of Destruction proves that you got your car scrapped and is important for your records.  Another great reason to choose an ATF registered scrapyard like UKCarMovement, so what are you waiting for?  Click here for your quote and get cash on the same day!

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