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How to Sell my Car for Scrap

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We all know that cars have a prominent impact on our lives. We get attached to our car, which makes it hard if something bad happens to it. Also, it’s not always easy to accept that your beloved car is no longer roadworthy, especially if you have owned the car for a number of years.

When the car is no longer economically viable, you may ask yourself the question - “how can I sell my car for scrap?”

There are several options open to you. Let’s dive into some of the tricks and tips on how to sell your car for scrap...

How do I sell my car for scrap?

Selling your car for scrap is quite easy nowadays. In the past, you may have had to pay to sell a car - not anymore! It is possible to earn a good amount for your scrapped car due to the increase in prices of scrap metal. All you need to do is take the car to an ATF (authorised treatment facility). It will have a license from the environmental agency to carry out the scrapping process. Don’t forget, it is illegal to take your car to an unauthorised scrap yard. Make sure you also inform the DVLA about selling your car for scrap. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fine of up to £1,000.

Sell my car for scrap - The documents you will need

It is mandatory to have valid paperwork before you sell a car for scrap...

  • You can’t scrap your car without the V5C (the vehicle logbook). It is a must to prove that you own the car. This stops unauthorised sales from taking place. To sell your car for scrap, you need to ensure you have the yellow slip from the V5C. Don’t forget to also get a receipt from the ATF.
  • Moreover, you will need a certificate of destruction (COD) after the scrapping process has been completed. This is then sent to the DVLA as proof that you’re no longer the owner of the car, and clears you from the future responsibilities of the car.


Can I sell my car for scrap without the V5C?

Yes, in case you can’t locate your car’s V5C document, you can sell your car for scrap without ordering a new V5C. In this case, you should take the time to contact the DVLA and inform them in writing with...

  • Details of the scrapper
  • Date of the Sale
  • Your personal information
  • Confirmation that you sold the car for scrap
  • The model, make, and registration number of the car


Will I get a fair price for scrapping my car?

Yes, but it all depends on the distance you are from your local scrap yard. It will greatly affect the price you receive for selling your car for scrap. Make sure you do your research by contacting a number of different scrap yards to ensure you get the best price for your car.

Takeout Valuable Parts

It may be more viable for you to individually sell the more valuable parts of your car in the aftermarket, especially if you recently bought them. But beware, this will reduce the amount you will receive from the ATF, as they will most likely want the valuable parts of your car too. Some dealers may not take the car if all the valuable parts are taken.

Cancel Insurance

It is vitally important that you cancel your insurance on your car right away. If you have another car, and had to make a claim while still having insurance for the scrapped car, it may invalidate your claim. This could be an expensive mistake!

Another advantage of cancelling your insurance is that you may get a refund on any unused insurance cover. In saying that, you may be charged an admin fee for cancelling the policy. You may also get a refund from any unused car tax, so this is worth looking into as well.

Dos and don’ts when selling your car for scrap

Let’s take a look at some do’s and don’ts that might help you through the scrapping process...

  • When you decide to scrap your car, don’t take the first quote. Shop around to ensure you get the best value. You have a valuable asset, so do it justice by taking the time to shop around.
  • Make sure you are acting honestly when dealing with an ATF. This will reduce problems when it comes to handing over the car, and settling on a final sales price.
  • Familiarise yourself with the whole process that the ATF will complete. This will ensure that you don’t run into any problems further down the line.
  • Check the ATF’s reputation. A simple Google search should suffice. It will also give you a good idea whether you will get a good price for the car or not.
  • If you have the size and weight of your items, you should be able to estimate a likely scrap price. This will ensure you get the best price available.
  • Always deal with local ATFs to ensure you minimise or eliminate any pickup charges. Dealing with an ATF out of town could reduce your final sales price. When it comes to being paid, ensure you only accept a bank transfer. Accepting payment in cash in the UK is illegal. This is to ensure that there is a legal trace between you and the ATF.


Take Home Tips

When you decide to sell your car for scrap, it is better to call local scrappers before those who operate out of town. Usually, the local buyers give the best price. The scrap dealer can come to your home, and investigate the condition of your car, and they will be able to have a chat about how the process operates. After proper investigation, local scrappers could give you a competitive quote.

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