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What Documentation Do You Need for Car Scrapping?

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Before you rush out and scrap your car in North London, Herts or Essex, do your scrapyard homework too.  There are so many reasons why you need to take car scrapping in Herts seriously.   Remember, there are lots of unauthorised car scrapping dealers out there, who won’t get you the best deal for your old or broken car. They could even leave you liable for fines, penalties or in the worst case, prosecution. Whenever you search for a car scrapping company in North London, Herts or Essex, do plenty of research as well.   Follow UKCarMovement’s brief tips listed below to make sure you’re using a reputable car scrapping merchant in Herts, or wherever you’re based in the UK, the same rules apply.

Car Scrapping – Do Your Homework!

  • Make sure the scrapyard you’re dealing with is authorised.  If it is, it will have certification that it’s an ATF scrapyard.  This stands for Authorised Treatment Facility and means that your scrapyard of choice is licensed by the Environment Agency and meets the stringent quality standards when it comes to car recycling.  UKCarMovement is an ATF scrapyard in Herts, and we dismantle and scrap cars safely and efficiently.
  • Find out if the car scrapping dealer owns their own scrapyard.  If they don’t, they are working as a third party and will sell your car onto a scrapyard.  That means you won’t get as much profit as you’re entitled to and you’ll lose out.   Make sure you get all the money due.   UKCarMovement are scrapyard owners so we pass the profit onto our customers every time.
  • Following on from the above point, cross-check your quote.  You’ll find that the cost of car scrapping varies from week to week (sometimes day to day) as it’s down to the cost of metal fluctuating.   There are other things to consider, for example, where you live.  If you live in the North of England, you might find you get a better quote, this is because the cost of living and the cost of running a business is cheaper than in the South.  Always see if you can get a better quote!  Got a quote already?  Have you asked us about a quote for your car?  Click here and see if we can beat it!  We guarantee the best possible price for your car.
  • Talking of quotes, do you know what you should be getting for your scrap car?   It’s worth hopping onto this piece and checking up on current scrap car prices – you may be pleasantly surprised to see which are the top-sellers!
  • Do you need someone to remove your car from home for you?  Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to tow your car to us. We collect scrap cars from any address in North London, Herts and Essex – and we make it completely contactless for your safety.  Not all scrap car dealers offer collection – and as ours is FREE (no extra charge) it makes our service even more attractive.  We just ask that you leave your car keys and V5 Log-Book in a safe place when we collect your car.
  • Make sure that you get the right documentation from your scrap car dealer.  More on this important point below.

Your Car Scrapping Documentation

Before you scrap your car, you need to make sure your documentation is in order.  For UKCarMovement to scrap your car, we’ll need to take your original V5 Log-Book, so hunt it down and put it inside your car ready for collection.  We need this to inform the DVLA that your car is going to be scrapped and to issue you with your COD – Certificate of Destruction.   Let’s talk about that!

Certificate of Destruction

Before using any scrap car dealer, check that you’ll be issued with a COD – Certificate of Destruction once your car is scrapped.   This is absolutely essential because it proves that you got rid of your car for scrap and the DVLA need to know about it.  Any scrap yard that doesn’t provide a COD to you is unauthorised and this is another reason why you must do your homework in advance.  When you have your COD, store it safely and never get rid of it.  See below for why.

Don’t get Caught Short with Unnecessary Fines!

We provide an official Certificate of Destruction DVLA document as soon as your car is scrapped at our authorised scrapyard in Hertfordshire.  It proves that your car has been recycled properly and it is off the road.  There is another importance attached to the COD.   It states that you no longer hold responsibility for your car.  Without it, you could be liable for a fine from the DVLA which is approximately £80.   Do not risk scrapping a car without gaining this certificate because if someone illegally uses your car (and it doesn’t get scrapped) it could rack up traffic offences, penalties and tax arrears.   You don’t want to end up in court because you’d still be held responsible! 

A Digital Certificate of Destruction

We issue your COD immediately but it is digital, so you’ll get a copy emailed to your inbox.  It should arrive within 24 hours – we recommend checking your SPAM too!   If you don’t have email don’t worry, we’ll simply send it to you by post.  If you want to know what’s on the COD, it has the DVLA logo, Certificate of Destruction clearly typed beneath the logo, a certification number that’s unique to you, the date of issue and our UKCarMovement signature.

Talk to Us

For any advice on scrapping your car or any vehicle (vans, bikes and mopeds too) in London, Herts or Essex, don’t hesitate to contact one of the UKCarMovement’s friendly team of customer advisors who will also be happy to give you a very competitive car scrapping quote!  Click here to get in touch.

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