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ULEZ is fast approaching!

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As if things aren’t bad enough with the extended congestion charge at £12.50 stretching into the weekends too, now we have to contend with the ultra-low emission zone expanding up to the North and South Circular roads later this year.  What that means is that if you live inside the A406 areas (Wood Green, Harringay, parts of Barnet, Walthamstow, Ilford etc.) and your car doesn’t meet the ULEZ requirement, you’ll have to pay a daily charge of a whopping £12.50. That charge is valid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – including public holidays, Sundays except for Christmas Day.  You pay the ULEZ charge once per day.  There is a discount for residents but if you go in and out of those areas, you will be affected.

Do You Need Your Vehicle?

With that sad news, it means that more and more people are re-thinking their vehicles.   Two car families are shrinking down to just one car and with better transport links than ever before in London, Hertfordshire and Essex, people are happy to rely on the trains, tube and buses.   Additionally, in recent times, working from home has become the new normal so there’s less need to rush out into commuter traffic every day.  With that in mind – do you still need your vehicle?  If so, you also have to justify whether you can afford the extra £12.50 ULEZ charge that you might have to pay if you’re within the areas where it’s being applied.

Other Charges

The £12.50 charge covers cars, motorcycles and vans but for lorries, buses and coaches the charge goes up to £100.  There are some exemptions, such as disabled drivers, showmen vehicles, taxis and others too.

Cash for Your Scrap Car

Had a rethink?   Well, if you don’t need your car and want fast cash for your car, you could of course, choose to scrap it with UKCarMovement instead.  We are London, Hertfordshire and Essex’s number once car scrapping service, we’re a licensed ATF scrap yard and we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) for your records once you decide to scrap your car or vehicle with us.

Get Your Car Scrapped Before 25th October

ULEZ is due to come into effect in the extended zones from 25th October 2021, and it’s not that far away so rather than being caught short, perhaps you should consider scrapping your car vehicle sooner rather than later?  We make it so easy at UKCarMovement.  We provide you with a very competitive quote (aiming to beat any other quote you may have obtained) and we also offer contactless collection, for free.  We collect your vehicle at a convenient time from any address in London, Hertfordshire or Essex and when we get your car to our own registered scrap yard, we scrap it the same day, sending you your money direct into your bank account on the same day too.  It couldn’t be easier, so get in touch here and get the wheels moving to scrap your car fast.  Avoid the extra £12.50 daily ULEZ charge!

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