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Top Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car in Herts, London or Essex

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If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re considering scrapping a car in Hertfordshire, maybe getting rid of a van in London or sending your old car to a scrapyard in Essex.  Well, you're in good company.  Thousands of people in your local areas have already taken advantage of some extra cash and environmental peace of mind when they’ve used the UKCarMovement car scrapping service in Herts.  Perhaps you need a few more good reasons why you should scrap your car, so we’ll give you our best advice and when you’re ready, click here to get your FREE, no-obligation quote from our friendly customer services team.

  • You’re Not Driving as Much as You Used To

Join the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of UK citizens no longer driving as much as pre-pandemic.  The lockdowns showed us that we didn’t need a car as much as before.  We started walking – and it’s become a bit of a national obsession!  The buses, tubes and trains are cleaner than ever before and with Uber and Bolt literally at the swipe of an app, why bother to run a car anymore?  Most of us are working from home, if not full-time then at least some of the time so the motor’s just gathering dust but still costing money when it comes to paying for its upkeep.

  • You’ve Got a Second Car – Scrap my Car Today!

Following on from point number one.  If you’ve got a second car, perhaps you’re a two-car family in Herts?   Why do you need the second car anymore?   So many families are trading down to one car, some are even buying bikes instead, so they’ve still got wheels, just the manual kind!  Questioning your second car?  It’s time to wave goodbye to one of them!  Scrap my car in Herts today.

  • You Need Fast Cash! Scrap Car Prices

If your car’s broken, old and even unfixable, it’s a quick route to fast cash!  You could even have it deposited in your bank account on the very same day as you call UKCarMovement for FREE collection and delivery.  What’s more, we’re so competitive – if you get a better quote, let us know and we’ll try to beat it or at least match it, we offer the best scrap car prices in Herts, London and Essex.  See what cars have gone for in previous months by clicking here and obtain your quote from us here.

  • You’re Fed Up with the Running Costs – Scrap My Car Near Me!

Yes, we hear you!  If the car spends more time in the garage than out on the road, it’s costing you money.   Who needs that at the moment!  Work out how much you’re spending on your car’s running costs, that includes garage bills, road tax, MOT, tyres, petrol consumption (or diesel), parking, congestion charge and ULEZ.  If it doesn’t add up, what’s the point?   Especially with so many public transport options.  Scrap my van in Herts or a car in London here.

  • You Want a New Car

If you want a new car but you can’t be bothered to go through the hassle and cost of selling your old car (advertising, inconvenient viewings, people driving your car – during a pandemic), then scrapping an old car in Herts is the answer.  It’s the fastest way of getting a deposit together for a brand-new, shiny motor and it’s easy too.  With UKCarMovement’s free collection and delivery service, you don’t need to get off the sofa, unless it’s to visit a car showroom for a new motor!

  • You’re Fed Up Taking it to the Garage

When the car’s spending more time in the garage than on the road, it’s telling you something you already know. It’s time to get rid of it and take advantage of the best way of doing that, car scrapping in North London, Herts of Essex.  Quick, easy and fast-cash means no aggravation trying to sell a broken car and once it’s gone, it’s gone, so you breathe a huge sigh of relief that you never have to shlep it to the garage for repairs again!

  • You Want to be More Eco-Friendly

You’re not the only one!  We get hundreds of enquiries every day about eco-friendly car scrapping in Herts.   People don’t want to drive gas-guzzlers anymore and they’re fed up with paying more to park a diesel car, the ULEZ charges – plus carbon emissions are starting to hit home.  An eco-friendly way of dealing with old cars is to get them scrapped.  Even leaving an old car sitting on a driveway isn’t eco-efficient because it still emits fumes and some of those fumes could be poisonous carbon monoxide.  At UKCarMovement, we remove an old, broken car safely and carefully.  We dismantle it following the legislative guidelines and take care to separate recyclable parts.  To find out how we deal with environmentally friendly car scrapping click here.  Join the green revolution!  Get your car scrapped in Essex today.

  • Your Car’s Drinking Fuel 

Is your car drinking fuel like it’s going out of fashion (and it is – with electric cars growing in popularity)?  If you find you’re constantly filling up, your car isn’t very fuel efficient and could be eating into your monthly salary too much.  Lots of cars are notorious gas-guzzlers, so to save on fuel cost, get rid of it, get a new, electric car or rely on the brilliant transport options in Herts, London and Essex.

Now you’re convinced that the car’s got to go – it’s time to get UKCarMovement on-board.  Reputable, friendly, ATF registered and professional car scrapping experts – with the best scrap prices in London, we know how to deal with old, broken scrap vehicles.  Don’t risk using any old scrap dealer, choose trusted, reliable names, choose UKCarMovement.   Click here for your free, no-obligation quote from the top car scrap dealer in Herts!

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