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The UKCarMovement Guide to Selling Your Car

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If you’re looking at your old car with desperation, once again, then it might be time to get rid of it once and for all.   Particularly if it’s spending more time in the garage than out on the road – costing you money and giving you added anxiety wondering whether or not it’s going to start up when you turn the car key!  Let’s see what you can do to sell your car quickly and easily, and if you can’t sell it, there’s always car scrapping in North London to consider.  It’s quick, easy and cost-effective.  Contact UKCarMovement for the best quote and get your car scrapped in Hertfordshire.

We’ll walk you through the steps to selling your car.

Number Plate Transfer

You may or may not have a private number plate.  Or perhaps when you bought your car, you were lucky enough to be given a number plate that someone might want!  If you want to keep your number plate or transfer it to another car, then you’ve got to inform the DVLA first.  It’s easy to do and it can also be done online.  The DVLA advice is to transfer your private number plate first, before you sell your car.  If you do sell your car before doing so, you might lose your treasured plate! Jump onto the DVLA website and start the process to retain your plate for your next car.


If you’re planning to get rid of your car, don’t forget to make a note to contact your insurance company, particularly if you’ve agreed to sell your car on.  Otherwise, you could be liable for any accident that occurs after you’ve sold your car. You need to make sure your insurance stops on the day your car transfers.   Give your insurance company good time to update their records.

Car Scrapping in North London, Herts and Essex

There are various things you can do to sell your car.   If you want a very quick sale and quite literally someone to take your old, useless car off your hands, then you should get in touch with us at UKCarMovement.  Not only will we guarantee the best possible price for your scrap car in Hertfordshire, we also service North London and Essex.  We own our own scrap yard and we’re ATF registered – for your peace of mind.  That means there’s no middle-man involved.  You get all the profit along with a great price.  To see what you could get for your car, click here to obtain a competitive quote.  

For the latest on car scrapping prices, click here and read our blog for up-to-date information.  We’ll make it extra easy for you.  We’ll come to any address in North London, Essex or Herts and collect your car on the same day – for no additional cost.  To keep you safe, collection will also be contactless.   Just leave your keys and your V5 Log Book in a safe place and we’ll do the rest.  

Advertising a Car for Sale

There are alternatives to selling your car.  If it’s still roadworthy, you might want to take an advert out.  To save cost, you could use your social media channels.  There are lots of groups on Facebook.  Never let your car go without payment and if someone wants your car but wants it at a later date, take a deposit to secure the sale.  It’s a good idea to type up an agreement too.  If you do take cash, make sure it’s legitimate before waving your car away.  A bank transfer or a bankers’ draft is best as it means you won’t get caught out.   Always check the money is in your account before you let someone take your car away.

Auction Websites, Trading Websites and Local Apps

eBay is another good route to choose for selling a car although be aware of the fees attached.  Click here for a guideline on eBay fees.  Alternatively, you could try your local websites, Gumtree is a good, affordable place to take out an advert or Next Door, one of the latest apps that deals with your neighbourhood and beyond, if you want to attract people nearby but not on your doorstep.  Ask around, workmates, friends, neighbours – they might be looking for a new car and that saves you the hassle of taking out an advert.  Autotrader or a similar service will list your car for a fee, and you can bump it up to a sponsored listing, so it gains more traction.   Before you list your car’s price, check out the online car price comparison guides so you know you’re not overpricing or underpricing your vehicle.

MOTs and Service History

Make sure your log-book is up to date and if you want to give your car the best chance of selling for a decent price, address any issues before listing it.  If it’s due a service or MOT, get those done first.  Car buyers like to know that the car is roadworthy, for obvious reasons!   Deal with any dents or scratches to get the best possible price.  Dent Devils or Chips Away run a decent service at an affordable price.   Of course, if all of the above seems like it’s adding £ to your car expense, then perhaps it’s better not to bother and to scrap your car in Essex with UKCarMovement!

Wipe all Data

Got the deal you want?  That’s great!  Next, you have to make sure that all your personal data has been removed.  Get rid of everything in your car that belongs to you.   If your car has a computer, wipe that data and sort out your paperwork.  Tell the DVLA that you’ve sold your car because you need to get your V5 Log-Book updated.  If you’ve paid for car tax and you have a while left over, you could request a refund.   Follow this up with the DVLA, every extra bit of cash makes a difference!  Next, inform your car insurance company and cancel your insurance from the date that the new ownership takes effect.  Make sure you cancel any future payments too.  If you’ve decided to use our car scrapping service in North London, Herts or Essex, we’ll issue you with a COD (Certificate of Destruction).   Keep this safely because it’s proof that you don’t hold any responsibility for your vehicle as it’s been scrapped.

We hope this has helped you sell your used car.  For information on car scrapping or to get a quote, click here.

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