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The Price You Could Get for your Scrap Car or Van - April 2021

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Scrapping your car in London or Herts (Essex too) is a quick way to get extra cash.  With UKCarMovement, it’s also conveniently easy to get rid of that old, broken car that’s sitting on your drive or in the street.  Nowadays, extra money is high on the agenda what with the ongoing pandemic and it’s good to know that scrap car prices this month continue to rise.  In April, just over a year after the first COVID-19 lockdown, we saw a whopping 86% price rise year on year.  This is the fourth month of increasing prices and the highest rate for scrapping cars.  Prices continue to shift upwards. So, with summer looming fast, it’s a great opportunity to have extra cash towards a much longed for summer break with the family.   If you’re looking to scrap a car for cash in Herts – you could be taking as much as £200+ home with you.  Don’t wait until those prices drop, this is the right time to scrap a car in North West London and beyond.  Plus, with UKCarMovement’s expertise, you know you’ll get the best for your car or van, we’ll beat any quote too – how’s that for peace of mind?

Last month, we saw scrap car prices soar ahead of the previous month and the average paid was approaching up to £16 on average paid more than last month. There’s no doubt that Coronavirus impacted car scrapping in North London and as soon as we announced that UKCarMovement offers contactless collection, we certainly contributed to the upward trend!  People obviously feel confidence in our car scrapping service in Essex and Herts, the enquiries are flooding in and we’ve seen an increase in enquiries over the past year.  You can trust us to come to any address in London, Hertfordshire or Essex and collect your car for free – there’s nothing extra to pay.  Just leave your log-book and keys (in a safe place) and let us do the rest.

What Influences Car Scrapping Prices?

Obviously, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to car scrapping prices and van scrapping prices.  At UKCarMovement, we don’t just pluck figures out of the air – we look at the market and lots of other factors.  For example, global events like the pandemic affected prices.  The price of metal fluctuates the same way as other markets, and this impacts what you receive.  Additionally, if you decide to scrap your car with UKCarMovement, you know for certain that you’re with a reputable, ATF registered dealer.   There’s no third party involved because we own our scrapyard, so you get all the profit you’re owed.  There are lots of scrap car merchants that sell your car on – which means you take home less.  So, before you scrap your car in London and beyond, make sure you know who you’re dealing with.

The make and model of your car makes a difference too, as does the age of your car and whether or not it has all of its componentry still intact.   For example, if your car is missing its carburettor or its engine, that will reduce what you’ll get for it, so keep it fully equipped in order to obtain the best car scrap price, even if it no longer works.  People living in the North of the country might get more when they sell their car for scrap quite simply because the cost of living varies depending on your location.   The cost of running a business makes a difference too – which is why you might get a few pounds more in Liverpool than in London – but it shouldn’t be a huge difference.

What Cars Get the Most Money?

You’re probably interested to find out what your old car could be worth when you sell it for scrap.  We’ll give you an indication but remember, for a proper quote, contact us here and our team will sort everything out for you.  Did we mention that we’ll beat any quote?  Try us out to find out!

The car that gets the most for scrap is a Ford Focus and this trend continues.  It’s been the number one car scrapped for cash in Essex and beyond for coming up to a year and every month, what you’ll get for it keeps growing by a small amount.   Over a year – that growth equates to around 120% more than April last year.  So, if you’ve got an old Ford Focus that spends more time in the garage than on the road, this could be your opportunity to have some extra cash to put towards a brand new one instead.

What about other popular cars that get more money when scrapped?   The Ford Fiesta also features in our list, with a 15% rise on the last month.  Then Vauxhall also appears, both the Corsa and the Astra still featuring in our top five.  The Astra has shifted up by 11% whereas the Corsa has moved up by 9%.  It may well jump up a couple of percent over the next month – so if you’ve got one and you don’t need it, get in touch to find out what we’ll give you, it should be in the regions of £210.  Renault Clio is another popular car that gets scrapped for cash.  It jumped up a massive 5 to 8% over the past month – so if you’re looking at your tired Renault praying that it will start up for you, don’t let it give you any stress anymore and scrap it instead.  The Peugeot 206 is another car that’s usually in our top five and it’s grown by 5%, expect to be paid a tiny bit more this month than last month for your scrap Peugeot car.

Finally, remember our quotes are valid for one week (seven days).  If the price suddenly changes positively – we’ll honour that new price.  Get a quote with UKCarMovement here and see how that extra cash will come in handy.  New car?  New garden furniture for the warmer days ahead or perhaps that trip abroad, it’s been a while!

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