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The Legal Guide of Selling a Car for Scrap

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Are you wondering how to sell a car for scrap? Maybe your car doesn’t run as well as it once did, or it might be too old. It could be the case that your older car is no longer worth the cost of repairs. So, selling a car for scrap is the best option for you in this case. All you need to do is to find somewhere to sell your car for scrap, which is easier said than done, because there are lot of companies that offer this service, and each claims to offer you the best price.

5 Secrets and Tips – How to Sell a Car for Scrap

Here are some tips to consider when you decide to sell your car for scrap...

  • Secret # 1: Scrappers value weight, not the accessories
  • Secret # 2: Your car’s year, make, and model matter a lot
  • Secret # 3: Don’t expect to get the same price as if you were selling the vehicle as a used car. The price you will receive from scrapping your car is often lower.
  • Secret # 4: Your geographical location decides payout. This is why it is important to deal with a  local ATF in order to maximise sales price.
  • Secret # 5: If you have time, you can make money from selling the individual parts of the car, but the vast majority of people sell the car as a whole.


6 Things to Do Before Selling a Car for Scrap

Uninsure Your Car

When you scrap a car that you no longer own, it is important to remove the insurance. Failure to cancel your insurance could invalidate any claims for any other vehicles you own, so this is a crucial step to take. It may be possible to get a refund for any future monthly payments that you will no longer need as part of the policy. Check out your insurance documents to see what refund you are entitled to, if any. Most insurers will charge an admin fee to cancel insurance mid-way through the policy, so it is important to keep this in mind. You may also wish to remove any vehicle recovery or roadside assistance subscriptions you have for this vehicle that you are scrapping.

Takeout Your Stuff

Before selling your car for scrap, make sure you check the boot of your car for any possessions you may have forgot about. It is important to check down the back of your seats, as well as any storage areas to check you have taken everything out. From past experience, many people forget to remove things such as car mats from their car, which can be resold if they are in good condition on websites such as eBay, which allows you to get some added return from your vehicle.

Ensure You Have the Correct Paper Work

Make sure you have the relevant documents for scrapping your car. The scrappers need to see proof that you are the owner of the car. You need to have your V5C – more commonly known as your vehicle registration document, in order to sell your car for scrap. It is important for you to retain the yellow slip from your vehicle registration document, which is the V5C/3. We would also recommend that you get a receipt from the ATF, which proves you sold the vehicle to the scrapper.

Remove Vehicle Fluids Before Scrapping

Do your bit for the environment by trying to remove the fluids from your car before scrapping. For instance, engine oil and battery acid are harmful to the environment. Old petrol left in your car can be a real pain for the scrapper, so it’s better to remove it if you can. The ATF are legally obliged to remove the fluids, but they may give you a better price if you have already removed the fluids yourself, which is quite easy to do. There are lots of YouTube videos which are able to help you with this, if you have never done it before.

Remove Aftermarket Parts

When selling your car for scrap, we would recommend that you remove all the cars custom parts that you added. These aftermarket or custom parts will not make a massive difference to the price you will receive from the scrapyard. Most of the time when you remove these parts yourself, you will often get a better price by reselling the parts elsewhere.

The Legal Guide – Selling a Car for Scrap

When scrapping your car, it is crucial you do it legally, in order to avoid any problems further down the line.

  • You must ensure that your car goes  to an ATF (authorised treatment facility). This is because they will be able to deal with the release of dangerous substances, which can      emit from the vehicle when it is being scrapped. As we mentioned             above, engine oil and battery acid are harmful to the environment.
  • Also, it is essential for you to  know that it is illegal to accept cash in return for your car. This law was proposed to make sure that transactions are visible, and             traceable.
  • Before selling your car for scrap, ensure that you have the V5C with you. This is also known as the       log-book. Without it, you will be unable to sell your car.
  • Once you scrap your car, it is also essential to inform the DLVA after scrapping your car. This may lead to a return in any unused car tax, which is an added bonus.
  • Remember to obtain a certificate of destruction from the ATF. If you don't have a certificate of destruction, you may be still liable for the vehicle.


We hope the advice given above will be useful for you to when it comes to scrapping your car for cash. Contact us today on 01992 929104 for an instant quote, or put your registration plate through the website, and we will get a price for scrapping your car back to you as soon as we can.

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