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The Best Way to Recycle an Old or Damaged Car


If you’ve got an old banger quite literally taking up valuable space on your driveway or even parked at the side of the road next to your house, did you know that you could be doing damage to the environment?   Apart from paying road tax (unless your car is SORN  - Statutory Off Road Notification and in your garage or on your driveway) and wasting that road tax money, an unused motor and an old battery will emit even more fumes into the environment, polluting the air.  It’s also a waste of valuable scrap metal which is why more and more people are turning to the number one car scrapping service in London, Hertfordshire and Essex – us of course, UKCarMovement.

No Need to Book a Tow Truck – We Collect for FREE!

It’s easy to take advantage of our car recycling service too.  Lots of people are surprised to hear that we offer completely FREE collection from any address in North London, Hertfordshire and Essex.  That means you don’t have to drive your car to us (and wonder how you’ll get home).  Neither do you need to spend money on booking a tow truck to take your car to our own, registered scrapyard in Herts.  So, if that’s what’s putting you off, we’ll take the stress away and do it all for you. With the current pandemic still not quite over, we’ll even offer contactless collection, so you don’t need to leave the front door of your home.  All we ask is that you leave us your vehicle’s keys (in a safe place) and your V5 log book, preferably in your vehicle, we’ll do the rest.  To find out about this service and get the most competitive car scrapping quote in North London, Hertfordshire and Essex, click here.

Never Try and Scrap Your Car Yourself

If you’re even considering scrapping your car yourself, we’d strongly suggest that you don’t try it.  It’s a big job, it’s dangerous and it needs specialist machinery and people trained in car recycling.   The car scrapping process is a complicated one, with more involved than you’d ever imagine.  You definitely need an expert, a company that owns its own scrapyard (like UKCarMovement) and is licensed to do so.  Don’t be tempted to sell it to someone who says they’ll do it for you.  You won’t get all the profit that’s due to you because these people act as middle-men.  They’ll sell your old vehicle to people like us, then give you less profit than you’re due.  

The Stages of Car Recycling

The car recycling process involves five different stages.  The first one being to rinse your old car. It’s not what you think – we’re not cleaning up your car!  What we’re doing is removing any dangerous fluid from it, safely.  Rinsing also refers to extracting the parts of your old car that can be reused.  Such as the battery or your car’s tyres.  

Once that stage is complete, we move on to squashing your car.  You’ve probably seen images of cars pushed into cube-shapes, that’s an old car that’s been transformed into a smaller bundle of metal. This is done by a specialist shredder.  So, your car is quite literally squashed and then fed into a shredder.  There, it’s shredded into pieces and then we move onto the next stage, separating the metals and other materials for eco-friendly recycling.

Your Car Won’t End Up on Landfill

That stage involves carefully splitting metal with other materials for easier recycling.  Your car doesn’t just go on top of a pile of other scrap cars.  At UKCarMovement we take car recycling very seriously – it’s our job and we care about the environment.  Did you know that 95% of your vehicle is able to be recycled?   The metal is reused and made into something else and other materials also find a new home, eventually.  Almost 2 million cars a year are scrapped in the UK and we have to adhere to strict rules to make sure that we recycle as much of a vehicle as possible, whether it’s a van, car or motorbike.  We also have to have stringent standards in place – and we move metal, plastic, glass and other materials into recycling plants so they don’t appear on landfill and pollute the atmosphere.  For your complete peace of mind, UKCarMovement is ATF registered (that means we are an Authorised Treatment Facility) so we’re completely reliable, efficient and trusted.  Once we’ve scrapped your car, we’ll issue you with a COD (Certificate of Destruction) which serves as proof that you sold your car for scrap – you’ll need this document for the DVLA, so keep it safe.

Let’s Make the World a Better Place Together!

So, isn’t it better that you promise yourself that you will recycle your old car?  Think of the good you’ll do to the environment!  As well as freeing up your driveway or making way for another car to park on your street – you’ll get a nice lump sum of money deposited directly into your bank account on the same day that we scrap your car in Essex, North London or Herts.  Who wouldn’t like some extra cash!

The Most Competitive Car Scrapping Service in London, Herts and Essex

When you click here, you’ll get a competitive car scrapping quote from our team.   Already got a quote?  No problem, let’s see if we can beat it.  We guarantee that we will offer the best possible price for your car and if you find you get a cheaper quote elsewhere, then we’d like to know about it and put it right!

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