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Scrap My Car - The Ultimate Guide to Selling My Car for Scrap

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Whether your car is a non-runner, or it has recently been in an accident, you can still make money by selling the car if you think that the car is no longer of use to you. In the UK, nearly 1 million cars are scrapped every year. If you too have decided to scrap your car, and are searching for information on “how to scrap my car”, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have provided a useful guide on how to sell your car for scrap. Read on to understand the complete procedure, and get the knowledge you need to make money from scrapping your car.

What is the process of selling my car for scrap?

Car scrapping is a hassle-free process if it is done correctly. To make the whole ‘scrap my car’ process easier for you, we have divided it into the following simple steps.

Find the right buyer

This is the first step you need to take to start scrapping your car. It can be hard to find a trustworthy and fair buyer, so do your research properly before choosing a suitable buyer. A reliable buyer will offer you the right price according to the condition of your car. When selling, it is crucial that you use an ATF (authorised treatment facility). These are scrappers who follow the necessary legal procedures for scrapping your car.

To find the right ATF, make sure you do your research. Legitimate buyers have good websites and provide details related to their scrapping process. You can note down the numbers of two to three buyers from the internet that you like the look of. Discuss the details, quote, etc., over the phone with these buyers. Then choose the buyer who you find more trustworthy, or who offers you a better payment for your car.

Organize the collection of your car

The next step for selling your car for scrap would be to organise the collection of the car. Discuss it with the buyer beforehand. If your car is in a poor condition, and you cannot drive it to a scrapyard, then the buyer will send a recovery vehicle.

You can leave your car at a local garage with your ID card if you do not have time to wait for the recovery vehicle to arrive and collect your car. Some buyers take a fee for car collection. Therefore, discuss this matter with your buyer before initiating the whole process. Asking the buyer beforehand is also important, because some buyers charge a collection fee and deduct the fee from the final payment.

Get payment

You will receive payment soon after the collection of your car. An authentic buyer will make payment either through a bank transfer, or through a business cheque. Beware of buyers trying to use cash as the payment method. Since the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, using cash as the payment method is considered illegal in England. So, make sure you avoid scrap dealers who try to offer you cash for your car.

Tell the DVLA

People finding information related to “selling my car for scrap” should know that notifying the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about scrapping your car is essential. You could face a fine of £1,000 for not informing DVLA about the scrapping process.

To do this, fill out section 9 of your V5C, and mail it to the DVLA. They will send you a response letter within a month to confirm that your car’s records have been updated. If you do not receive a response letter within a month, then contact the DVLA to confirm the reason for the delay in response.

It is possible that the ATF may decide to sell your car instead of sending it for recycling. In that case, the ATF will inform you about their decision. If this is the case, you will have to inform the DVLA again by sending them the ‘Notification of Sale or Transfer’ section of the V5C.

What documents do I need to scrap my car?

The following documents are required to scrap your car:

  • V5C registration certificate or vehicle logbook
  • Owner manual
  • Car service history


You must have these documents before you take your car to the scrapyard or ATF. These documents will show your ownership and help the process move forward.

Will I get the Certificate of Destruction after selling my car for scrap?

The ATF will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction when it agrees to scrap your car. This certificate is required to prove that you are no longer responsible for the car that you used to own. You will get your CoD within seven days.

Can I scrap my car if I don’t have the V5C?

You are not strictly obliged to pay for a V5C replacement. You can simply write to the DVLA and inform them that you are selling your car for scrap with the necessary details such as:

  • Registration number and model of your car
  • A receipt or document confirming that you car has been sold for scrap
  • Buyer details and the date you sold the car
  • Relevant personal details


Can I remove parts of my car before I scrap it?

Yes, you can remove your car’s parts to use them in another vehicle, or resell them if they are in a good condition.

Before removing parts, you will have to make a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and inform the DVLA that your car is off the road. This will save you car tax and insurance. There will likely be a delay between you taking parts from your car, and taking it to an ATF, so this is why you should do a SORN.

If you want to reuse your car’s registration number for another vehicle, then you will have to inform the DVLA and apply to hold on to the old registration number. It will cost you around £80.


To scrap your car, contact different buyers and seek multiple quotes to learn what is the real worth of your car. Select the buyer who uses a legal method to scrap cars, pays a fair amount, and does not make payment using cash. Inform the DVLA after sending your car to an ATF, or a scrapyard, and let them know that you do not own the car anymore. We hope this guide has been helpful!

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