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Scrap My Car Near Me - The Ultimate Guide

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Is it possible to scrap my car for cash near me? This is a question that a lot of people think about when they want to buy a new vehicle. If your current vehicle is old, and you just want to get rid of it, then selling it can be very difficult. Most of the time, you are better off scrapping your car. That can be a great idea - you just have to figure out how the scrapping process takes place and what you need to do.

When should you consider scrapping your car?

There are different factors to consider when you want to scrap your car. For example, the condition of that vehicle will matter quite a bit. If the structural condition is bad, then the vehicle will not command a great price. Missing parts will also lower the value, especially those parts that contain rare metals.

In case your car’s motor is not in a great condition, scrapping is usually the right approach. Before you find where you can scrap your car near you, it’s a very good idea to see if the motor is functional and if it works properly. Because if it does, you may want to sell it separately.

Beginning the scrapping process...

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that your car is fully paid off, and you don’t have any financing on it. You can’t scrap a vehicle that you’re still paying for. On top of that, you will need to get all your documents together. The V5C is crucial here, because it shows ownership of the vehicle. Every scrapper will have their own requirements, so you may want to talk with them and see what value they can provide and what experience you can receive here. You don’t have to SORN your vehicle before you scrap it. Actually, if the car is already SORNed, that brings in some additional challenges, so you have to take that into consideration.

Where can you scrap your car?

If you’re wondering where can I scrap my car near me, the short answer is at an ATF, or an authorised treatment facility. In fact, you are not allowed to scrap your vehicle anywhere else other than a certified ATF, otherwise you will be fined. There are many local ATFs, thankfully, so it’s all a matter of asking for quotes and making sure that you get the best possible deal. However, quotes can be inaccurate if your vehicle is missing any parts. That’s why you want to make sure you state everything that’s missing. This way you will know what results you can get, and any offers you get will be a lot more accurate.

There’s also the option to find an online buyer. Some scrap yards will accept customers by asking them to fill in documentation online. However, due to the nature of this business, it makes a lot more sense to focus on talking with the scrapping business over the phone, or even face to face. This way you can avoid any misunderstanding and issues.

Can you scrap the vehicle if it failed the MOT?

Yes, in fact this is the right approach if the car is very old. Most of the time you will have to pay a lot more on repairs than what the car might actually be worth. At that point, scrapping the car is the better option, since you’re making some money back on it. It’s efficient, easy to do, and you avoid any headache related to repairs. That alone is always worth it.

Documents needed for scrapping your car

If you want to scrap my car for cash near me, then you will need to offer the right documentation. You will need the Vehicle Registration Document, also known as the V5C, and you will also need to keep the yellow slip from it whenever you get the ATF receipt. Make sure you get the Certificate of Destruction from the ATF, so you can send it to the DVLA. This is mandatory, because you want the DVLA to know the vehicle has been scrapped.

If you want to keep your current license plate, usually this comes with a fee and some additional paperwork. In case you don’t have the V5C, you can still scrap the car, but you will have to share other documents that prove you own the car. It’s not illegal, it just makes the entire process a lot more difficult. And in some cases, it might lead to some additional expenses.

Do you have to SORN the car before you scrap it?

No, in fact it can be more difficult to scrap the car if it’s already SORNed. Thankfully, you can legally scrap the vehicle if it’s not SORNed, so you can go to the ATF and they will handle the entire process for you. If it’s already SORNed, you can still do it, but it involves some more steps and extra time.

At what mileage should you scrap the vehicle?

Normally mileage doesn’t matter - it’s more about the vehicle condition, performance and other factors. If your car is very old and most of its parts need repairs or replacements, then this is the perfect time to scrap your vehicle. With that in mind, if the car has hundreds of thousands of miles, it might also be a good idea to scrap it. However, if it’s still roadworthy and the MOT says that, then it all comes down to parts and their performance.


As you can see, you can scrap your car for cash near you, it all comes down to understanding the process and knowing how to do it. These tips and tricks presented above show you exactly the steps to focus on, as you try to scrap your car for money. The amount of time this process takes will differ based on a multitude of factors. Yet scrapping your car is a lot faster than selling it, and in some cases you might even get more money!

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