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Resolutions for World Environment Day - 5th June 2021

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You may or may not have realised that World Environment Day was on Saturday the 5th of June.  The environment is a hotly debated topic – with climate change, animals becoming extinct and pandemics too.  All of the aforementioned are part of the big environmental push that we support at UKCarMovement.  However, it’s up to everyone to do their little bit to protect the world for future generations.  There’s lots of things that can be done, from making sure that we all take out our recycling properly (split out plastics, papers, food waste and cans etc.) to paying attention to our own carbon emissions and perhaps ditching that old car on the driveway!  Of course, we’re advocates for car scrapping in Herts, London and Essex - it’s what we do and we’re brilliant at it, but there’s more to it.  As an ATF Registered scrapyard, we follow the government’s legislation that’s in place to ensure that car scrapping is genuine car recycling.   We always split out the materials in every car, van or bike scrapped in Herts and anything that’s reusable is recycled.   Anything harmful is carefully disposed of to protect our environment.  What can you do to help protect the environment?

  • Recycle Your Old Scrap Car in London

Or wherever you live, Essex or Hertfordshire perhaps, the best way to clean up the air around you is to get rid of an old, broken, or irreparable car.  If your car is sitting on your driveway, unused and unloved, you might think it’s not causing any harm, but it is.  Batteries and engines, while dormant, still emit gasses and if your car genuinely doesn’t work, it might be that it’s leaking poisonous substances, right on your doorstep!   Did you know that up to 95% of your car can be recycled?  At UKCarMovement we sort out the parts that are recyclable because we are an ATF registered scrapyard and we’re reliable, reputable and respected in the trade.

Be safe and be environmentally friendly, get your car scrapped today at UKCarMovement.  We’ll come and collect your car for no extra charge with our FREE, contactless collection service.  It doesn’t matter where your scrap car in Herts is located – we’ll visit any address in London, Essex or Hertfordshire and remove it for you.   Just leave your log-book and car keys and we’ll do the rest.  It’s also good to know that we will deposit same-day money into your bank account. We pride ourselves on giving the best car scrap price in Herts so if you’ve got a quote, let us beat it!  We’ll also issue a Certificate of Destruction, to prove you’ve disposed of your car in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

There’s something satisfying about growing your own – watching seedlings sprout and eventually picking your fruit and vegetables for use in your kitchen.  So, instead of carrying lots of fruit and veg from the supermarket (in plenty of plastic packaging too), vow to try growing your own – start with seeds in pots and see if you’ve got green fingers!  You’ll also save money too, put that money together with the amount you’ll get for scrapping a car in London and you’ll soon have enough to treat the family to something special!

  • Have a Clear Out

If you’re set on being more environmentally friendly and you’ve started by booking us in to “Scrap my car in Herts!” then good for you, that’s great but what about your other old bits and pieces?   Set aside a weekend to go through all of your old clothes, books, furniture and other bits and pieces.   Then, either hold a big car boot sale at one of your local boot sales or – why not have one on your driveway out the boot of the car that you want car scrapped in London?  It’s a great way of making even more cash!  Anything that doesn’t sell, pack it up nicely and take it to a refuge or a charity shop.  

  • Use Your Legs!

So now you’ve got your van scrapped in Essex, that’s great – what’s next?  Well, public transport is more eco-friendly because it means less cars on the road but what about walking?  It’s so good for you, it’s free and it gets your legs working.  Of course, we know that you can’t walk for miles on end but for short journeys, you might want to consider playing your role in protecting the environment while increasing your fitness.  For longer journeys – have you considered a bicycle?  It’s another eco-friendly way to travel and yet another reason to scrap a car in Essex.

  • Reduce Your Plastic

Plastics are so dangerous, every time you throw out a piece of plastic, think about where it’s going to end up – on landfill and take literally hundreds of years to decompose.  Plastics release toxic gasses into the atmosphere and they affect us all, animals included.  That’s not to mention plastics that end up in the sea, killing marine life because fish and sea creatures swallow small pieces of plastic that are hazardous.   Make it a priority to only buy products with minimal packaging, to re-fill plastic bottles and to buy a water filter so you don’t have to have multiple bottles of water in your fridge.   Some local supermarkets are selling dried food lose, so you bring your own containers to fill-up – that’s a great eco-friendly option!

  • Save Energy

Did you know that there are lots of ways of saving energy?  LED lightbulbs are a great way to reduce heat and energy consumption, they also last so much longer than traditional lightbulbs.  The initial outlay may be more than old-fashioned bulbs, but the longer-term saving could be huge!  Turn your radiator down by one degree to save energy, fix that leaking tap and switch off equipment when you’re not using it.  All of these help for a greener future and save you money too!

To make a real impact, get your car scrapped in London, Essex or Herts and use UKCarMovement to guarantee a safe, seamless service that’s reputable and reliable.  We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote (and match or beat other car scrapping quotes in Herts, London or Essex).  Click here to get started.

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