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Make this the Year of Sustainability - Recycle Your Car with UKCarMovement

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With the last 16 months seeing a global pandemic crisis, never before has protecting the environment been more important.  One of the reasons why the pandemic hit us so badly is due to climate change and humans encroaching on animals’ natural habitats.  If everyone played their part, we could hopefully protect the planet for future generations.  From recycling your daily rubbish properly to buying less plastic packaged goods to protect marine life and even contributing to eco-friendly initiatives like planting trees (24.7 million trees are cut down every day just for paper use!). 

A positive that’s come out of COVID-19 is a reduction in emissions due to less travel. It’s not just the significant reduction of air travel that’s contributed to this little good-news information.  It’s cars too.  More and more people now work from home – and that trend will continue.   Yes, there are bound to be people who do venture back into an office and lots of people have no choice but to go to work (medical staff, retail staff, teachers, factory workers and others of course).  Last April, 47% of people worked from home and of those people, 86% did so as a result of the pandemic.  That means there’s less need for a car.  Certainly, if you’re a family and have two cars, at UKCarMovement, we’re pretty sure you could question the need for a second car?  We’ve definitely seen a rise in car scrapping in North West London and lots of requests for scrapping a car in Hertfordshire.  We’re also getting plenty of people in Essex scrapping cars.

The reason for this is not just about only needing one car, or no car at all due to working from home.  There are other great reasons too.  Scrapping a car in Herts, London or Essex gives you instant access to much-needed cash.  Today, more than ever, who couldn’t do with a few hundred pounds extra straight into their bank account?  That’s what we promise at UKCarMovement.  We’ll deposit your money on the same day we scrap your car in North West London and beyond.   Plus, we promise we’ll do our very best to get you a better quote than anywhere else and because we own our own scrap yard, there’s no third party involved.  You get all of the profit.

So, you could get yourself some extra cash to pay for a new car perhaps or to put towards a much-needed family holiday, especially as Portugal is on the Green list!  There are other good reasons to get rid of your car for scrap in Essex, Herts or North West London.  Sustainability.  Most people scrap their car because they no longer need it, it doesn’t run as well as it did, it spends too much time in the garage and that’s costly – or because it’s taking up room on the drive and doesn’t even start!  Some people are starting to wake up to the sustainability angle.  It’s good for the environment.  Scrapping your car into metal means helping to reduce carbon emissions and toxic materials polluting the environment. It also means it can be turned into something else and be re-used, rather than encouraging even more production of new steel.   

Here are a few more environmental reasons to scrap your car:

  • Your old scrap car is made out of steel.  Steel smelting uses fossil fuels and creates carbon emissions.  By scrapping your car and allowing it to be recycled and reused, you’re helping to stop more carbon emissions and reduce the amount of energy that goes into manufacturing steel.
  • You will help to protect wildlife.  The toxic waste from steel manufacturing erodes animal habitats and pollutes the land.  In turn, this damages our soil and the food animals eat.  The same applies to marine life, water also contains pollution from industry, fish and animals are sorely affected by carbon emissions.
  • It’s not just the body of your car that creates hazardous chemicals that linger in the atmosphere, it’s the batteries, tyres and other parts.  If you have an old, unused car, those parts will still leak gasses and liquids, harming the environment, animals, plants and even the air that we breathe.  By getting rid of your old car and scrapping it with UKCarMovement, you’ll help to protect the environment.
  • You’ll also help to reduce landfill.  Around 24% of the UK is landfill and that number keeps growing.   That’s a huge amount – so by recycling an old car you’ll prevent it eventually landing on top.  That landfill emits toxic fumes, eventually it pollutes soil and groundwater.  All the materials together create methane which is a greenhouse gas that is full of toxins and harming us all.  Recycling your car is a positive way to help stop it end up on landfill.

Hopefully, the above information is enough to convince you to scrap your car with UKCarMovement.  It’s also good to know that as a registered, authorised scrap yard we ensure that 95% of all cars we received are recycled.  We promise a high quality service, from beginning to end and we also take a lot of care in how we recycle cars, using safe methods to get rid of anything harmful.  Let’s all do our little bit and make the world a greener place.  We’re proud that we contribute to an eco-friendly planet and want you to know that. Click here to get your scrap car quote in Herts, North London or Essex – we’ll guarantee you won’t get a better price and if you do, we’ll match it!

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