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Is Now the Time to Scrap Your Diesel or Petrol Car for an Electric Car?

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UKCarMovement, the number one car scrapping service in London, Herts and Essex says that you should expect to be driving an all-electric car in the next ten years – but if you’re thinking about getting rid of your car, or you’re a two-car family looking to downsize, perhaps it’s a good idea to go electric now!  However, there’s no doubt, electric cars are more expensive, they used to be cheaper, but prices are going up.  Nevertheless, they are the cars of the future and with lots of focus on looking after the environment better, cleaner air for our children and the threat of worsening climate change, there’s a lot to be said for scrapping my car in Hertfordshire and going green instead.

Scrapping a Car in Herts Helps Build an Electric Car Deposit!

In a survey, we’re told that 50% of people would think about buying an electric car in the future but 37% said they wouldn’t want one – why?   Well, because of the cost of buying an electric car and the lack of available charging points. There’s another reason too. Lots of people are choosing to scrap a car near me in Hatfield instead, because they no longer need their vehicle, choosing to rely on good public transport instead.  Without doubt, the pandemic has had an effect on how people travel and at UKCarMovement, we get so many people scrapping a car for cash near me in St Albans, with no intention of ever driving again!

That will suit plenty of people.  The government will no longer allow new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030 so going without a car and getting a vehicle scrapped in Hertford is an attractive alternative.  But what if you need a car?  What if you rely on four wheels to take you to and from work?  To get the kids to school or because without one, you wouldn’t be able to do your job?  This could be the right time for you to think about buying an electric vehicle.  The good news is, that while they’re more expensive, they will save you petrol or diesel cost going forward and if you scrap my car near me in Brentwood for cash, you’ll have a nice sum of money to put towards a new electric vehicle instead.

Check the Government Grants

When looking for an electric car, the cheapest 4 door in the UK will cost you more than a petrol or diesel car.  However, remember, the vehicle tax and cost to charge it will be lower – although you’ll have to lay out more.  Of course, there are deals and there are also low-interest HP loans or leasing deals available.  It’s worth shopping around.  

The gap between the cost of an electric car and a petrol/diesel alternative will narrow over the coming years so if you’re not quite ready yet, check out the best scrap car prices near me in Colchester to get an idea of what you’ll get for your old petrol or diesel vehicle.  There are also government subsidies available to help with the cost.   Lots of electric cars come with a grant that could cover up to 35% of the price (there is a maximum amount of £2,500 for cars under £35,000).  There’s also a grant available for up to £350 to put towards the cost of installing a charging point at home too – no more quick dashes to the petrol station when you’re low on fuel!

What About a Hybrid Vehicle?

If you’re desperate to make the switch but the cost is too much for you there is an alternative.  Start by scrapping my car for the best price in Camden and then buy a hybrid vehicle.   It’s lower in tax and gives you the option of electric or petrol – the best of both worlds for many.  There’s also buying second-hand and because electric vehicles are relatively new, you should get a nice car for less.

More Charging Points are On Their Way

The government does need to put in more charging points all around the country.  We know that lots of electric vehicle owners get frustrated driving round trying to find somewhere to park and that space needs a charging point.  Lots of people run out of electricity just looking for somewhere – that’s irritating.   To find the nearest charging point for your journey, you could try Zap Map (https://www.zap-map.com/) which gives real-time information on where they are around the country.  The website regularly updates so as more charging points are added, you’ll see the updates. 

Of course, electric cars are also becoming more and more sophisticated.   For those of you out there who can afford a Tesla S – you will be able to drive more than 400 miles on just one charge!  Generally, most electric cars will take you up to 200 miles on one charge and that’s not at all bad.

Batteries on electric cars will degrade over time but manufacturers offer warranties on their batteries for up to 150,000 miles (do check the car you’re buying to make sure of that figure, as it will vary).  As with any chargeable device, if you keep charging and charging it (when it doesn’t need charging) you will put added pressure on, and this decreases battery life.  Charge when you need to, not when you don’t.

Meanwhile, it’s good to know that scrapping a car in Herts, London or Essex will give you that extra cash-boost and at UKCarMovement, we make it extra-easy for you.  We have a quality scrapyard in Hertfordshire, and we own it – so there’s no middleman involved.  That means more money for you (straight into your bank account on the same day as scrapping).  We’ll also collect your car from any address in London, Herts or Essex and we’ll make it contactless for your safety.  Additionally, we’ll issue you with your Certificate of Destruction, so you have proof that you’ve scrapped a car near me in Borehamwood.  As an ATF registered scrapyard in Herts – you’re in the best possible hands.  Click here to find out what you could get for scrapping a car in Essex, London or Herts with UKCarMovement.

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