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How to Mark Clean Air Day

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For those of you that like to stay abreast of environmental issues, did you know that Clean Air Day was a couple of weeks back on the 17th of June?  It’s run by Global Action Plan (https://www.globalactionplan.org.uk/) a charity dedicated to improving our environment, and Clean Air Day is the largest campaign for better air quality.   The initiative is trying to improve the air and rid it of as much pollution as possible so that the planet is safe enough for future generations.  You can access the website here to read more about it https://www.cleanairday.org.uk/.  Obviously, as a car scrapping service in London and Herts, clean air is something that we are great advocates of.  Our job is to carefully strip and recycle old cars in Herts so that they’re safely disposed of, without any poisonous gasses escaping into the atmosphere.  We also recycle up to 95% of every scrap car in Essex that’s brought to our ATF registered scrapyard in Hertfordshire.  We do our bit to stay eco-friendly – is there something else you can do too?

The clean air campaign is really important because pollution kills.  Not only are there more cases of asthma or breathing-related illnesses than ever before, did you know that 36,000 deaths every year are the result of air pollution?   It’s interesting that this doesn’t make as much of a ripple in the news – certainly compared to COVID-19 deaths, and while those deaths are far higher, the problem of clean air still represents a huge number of unnecessary deaths and cause for concern.  Luckily, the UK government and the WHO both recognise that air pollution is a sizable problem and a risk to our health – there definitely needs to be more done to reduce those staggering numbers.

Rethink Your Travel

One of the ways of reducing air pollution is by rethinking travel.  Without doubt, the one positive that the pandemic has brought us is less of a need to commute.  People are choosing to work from home, even if they no longer need to as much and it’s great to see so many companies backing the work from home initiative.   Not only does it readdress the work/life balance problem, it also helps to keep cars off the road.  At UKCarMovement, we’ve definitely noticed an uptick in the number of people wanting to “Scrap my car near me” and choosing to sell “my” car for scrap near me in Hertfordshire but we also service Essex and London. We go further than other car scrap dealers in Herts because we collect any vehicle from any address in those areas for free.  If you’re considering downsizing to one car or you no longer need your car at all because you’re driving less and less, you’re not alone.  Get in touch with us and find out where to scrap my car for cash near me!

Driving Creates Air Pollution

Travelling green will make a difference.  Transport on the roads is the biggest reason why our air pollution is so high.  Studies tell us that 80% of nitrogen dioxide comes from road users and so if you are a driver – you’re one of the contributing factors to that amount.  If you think back to the beginning of lockdown, you’ll remember the calm (but eerie!) silence on the roads, the sound of more and more birds flying back to towns and cities and clearer, bluer skies too.   That was all due to the reduction in air pollution and it’s incredible how quickly the air starts to clean itself up, with nature reappearing and, along with humans, enjoying the better air quality.  While the roads will never be as empty again (unless we experience another full lockdown and even then, it will be a temporary measure), it did impact and as mentioned above, people had a rethink on how often they needed the car.  Even now, more people are walking, running cycling or have switched over to public transport (which is cleaner than ever before thanks to the pandemic!).  The government data last March stated that road users dropped by almost 80%/This is all good news, and we hope that it continues, that people don’t revert to old habits and continue adopt a cleaner approach to travel.

Do You Want To “Sell My Car For Scrap Near Me?”

Did you know that there are nearly 39 million licensed vehicles in the UK?  As the pandemic has had such an impact on road use there are lots of cars that are no longer being driven on the roads, or certainly with less regular use than pre-pandemic.  We are urging you to rethink that scrap car sitting on your drive. Even if your car hasn’t moved much in months, it’s still expelling poisonous gas – right on your doorstep and if it’s a very old car, that hasn’t been serviced or MOT’d (perhaps it’s SORN) then it could be leaking poisonous fluid which affects air quality. If you’re not using your car as much and you care for the environment and perhaps you could do with some extra cash in your pocket, then your best bet is car scrapping in Herts.  Our excellent service is second to none.  We guarantee the best possible quote for a scrap car in London, Essex or Herts, we offer free collection and delivery and we’re an authorised scrap dealer in Hertfordshire.  We also issue your Certificate of Destruction as soon as we’ve scrapped your car in London (Essex and Herts) – with same-day bank transfers too.

Think Electric

Once you’ve scrapped a car in Hertfordshire you can start looking forward to a cleaner lifestyle.  Perhaps you still want a car?  An electric vehicle won’t pose a threat to the air quality in your area, and it doesn’t cost a penny to drive through a low emission zone.  It’s cheaper to run too, with less car tax and there’s no more irritating trips to the petrol station when you know you need to fill up!  Remember, the government will be banning petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030 (that’s just 10 years away!).  So, make the changes now, follow these steps below for cleaner, greener air:

  • Question every car journey, perhaps you could walk or walk part of the way?
  • Regularly service your car to check for leaks (petrol and oil particularly). 
  • Scrap a car in Hertfordshire if your car’s not working, very old or you simply don’t need it anymore.
  • If you are buying a new car, look at electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Share car journeys.
  • Switch off the engine when parked.

For more information on car scrapping in Hertfordshire, London or Essex or to get a car scrapped “near me”, click here to speak to the friendly customer services team at UKCarMovement.

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