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How to Boss It on The Road Without Driving Dangerously

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Scrap my car for cash near me?  You’re in the right place!  At UKCarMovement, we get a lot of scrapheaps arriving at our car scrapping service in Hertfordshire.  We also see a lot of irreparable vehicles, those that have been involved in collisions and are written off.  There’s only one place for them and that’s at a scrapyard in London – so if you’ve got a write-off and you’re looking at where to scrap my car near me – with us, you’re in safe hands!  

It’s rather frightening how many write-offs we see, while often it’s not the driver’s fault – there is fault there and we want to put our customers’ safety first so here are our tips for good driving – avoiding the hazards that are out there on the road.  Of course, if you have a car that will cost far too much to repair, use UKCarMovement, we’re an ATF registered car scrapyard in Herts.  We offer the best possible car scrap prices in London, and we’ll even collect your scrap vehicle in Essex for FREE (any address in Herts, London or Essex).

  • Get Your Vehicle Serviced and MOT’d

One of the causes of crashes and dangerous driving is when a car isn’t in a fit state to be roadworthy.  That’s why getting your car serviced once a year is so important.   It checks the engine’s running smoothly, the clutch is operating properly, the brakes’ wear and tear, the fluids are topped up, tyres are to the right pressure and of course, many other checks too.  There’s a reason why MOT’s are the law. Without a full MOT, a car is not insured so make sure all of your paperwork is up-to-date and your certificates are valid.

  • Know Your Blind Spots

Every car has a blind spot.  When you learn to drive, it’s one of the things that you’re told to check but it’s easy to forget.  Do you know your blind spots?  Whenever you’re changing lanes, pulling out of or into a space, merging with traffic, turning a corner or performing a three-point turn you must always ensure you can see from every angle. Unfortunately, there are scams out there that cause a car crash deliberately by driving in your blind spot and quickly accelerating with intent to crash and then claim off your insurance.  So, keep an eye out!

  • Pull Over Before You Use a Sat Nav System

Your car might have a built-in satellite navigation system, or you might want to launch Waze on your phone but don’t do either while you’re driving.  It’s a distraction, you have to type in a postcode or address, and it means one eye is not on the road.  Be safe, pull over and do your navigation search when you’re parked rather than in traffic or driving.  

  • Don’t Use Your Phone

Following on from above, no matter what, do not use your phone.  It is against the law, and it causes car accidents.  The government launched the THINK campaign in 2017 centering around not using phones while driving.   Research tells us that drivers using a hands free system are also at risk, when on the phone.  Doing so means that your focus isn’t purely on driving so you might not react to dangers as quickly as you need to.  Did you know that you are four times more likely to crash if you use a mobile phone?   If you text and drive (really – don’t do it), your reaction time is twice as slow than if you’re over the legal limit for drinking and driving.  It is against the law to use a handheld phone while driving – that includes following navigation.  The same applies whether you’re driving or stationary in traffic.   If you’re caught, you will instantly get 6 points and a £200 fine.  If you’ve just passed your driving test or you haven’t yet been driving for two years since passing your test, it’s an instant ban and you will lose your licence. 

  • Have You Done the Dutch Reach?

This is quite a clever little manoeuvre that protects cyclists and you from being involved in a collision with a cyclist, moped user, pedestrian or scooter and relates to your car door.  Before you open your car door, do this.  Using your opposite hand (if you’re the driver, that would be your left hand), open the door, that forces you to move your body so you look over your shoulder.  That makes you note your blind spot, and if there is a cyclist/pedestrian or other road user – you can quickly avoid opening the door into their pathway.

Don’t forget – if you’re searching “scrap my car near me” or “sell my car for scrap near me”, do choose an ATF registered scrapyard in London, Herts or Essex.  At UKCarMovement, we’re the experts when it comes to car scrapping in Herts, we’ll issue you with a Certificate of Destruction and we’ll deposit your money into your bank account on the same day as car scrapping.  Click here to get your free, no-obligation car scrap price in Herts.

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