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How the Pandemic has Changed British Driving Habits

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At UKCarMovement, we know more than a thing or two about scrapping my car in Hertfordshire, London and Essex.  We are London’s leading car scrapping service, with our own, ATF registered scrapyard based in Herts.  Reliable and reputable, we follow all the guidelines required by the government for safe, efficient car recycling and we endeavour to recycle up to 95% of each car that’s scrapped on site.  It’s no wonder we’re busy and that we’re the number one scrap car business in Herts.   We have so many customers every day, wanting to scrap a car near me in Broxbourne for cash because they simply don’t need to drive anymore.  There’s no doubt, the past 18 months has seen a huge shift away from driving, the number one reason has to be the global COVID-19 Pandemic and this is endorsed by Direct Line (https://www.directlinegroup.co.uk/en/news/brand-news/2020/02072020.html), the insurance company who’ve been monitoring the situation for a long while.  GoCompare.com, the insurance comparison website also has spent months examining driving habits.  The website tells us that just 27% of drivers will return to their pre-pandemic driving habits (https://press.gocompare.com/news/just-27-percent-of-drivers-will-return-to-their-pre-pandemic-driving-habits) and 6% of households no longer feel they need a car!   Perhaps you’re considering ditching the car and scrapping a vehicle in Broxbourne? You won’t be alone, here are some more of the valid reasons why people are scrapping cars in Essex with UKCarMovement.

  • Working Behaviour Has Changed

People used to go to the office 9 to 5pm every day but the seismic shift over the past year now sees many of us working from home, if not all week, part of the week so cars aren’t in use as much as before.  Commuting is now from the bedroom to the lounge, rather than crossing the city! Road traffic is lighter during rush hour and with better hygiene standards on public transport, lots of people are scrapping cars in Herts in favour of using trains, tubes and busses instead.  You’ll probably have noticed more cyclists on the road too – lots of drivers have looked to scrap a car near me for cash in Camden in favour of two wheels (more on that later).

  • Better Hygiene on Public Transport

Our public transport is notably cleaner, with regular sanitisation and cleaning as well as thousands of hand sanitising units in our tube and train stations, country-wide.  Plus, in London, it’s still law to have to wear a mask on the tubes.  As they’re not as crowded as they used to be, people feel happier using public transport and are scrapping cars in London in favour of taking tubes, trains and busses.

  • People Want More Cash

An old car sitting on the driveway is money just waiting to be claimed!   Lots of our UKCarMovement customers haven’t driven their cars in a long while, and their cars have developed problems from standing idle, such as a flat battery.  Rather than paying for costly repairs at the garage, people are searching to scrap a car near me in Dagenham for cash instead – and with UKCarMovement giving the best possible scrap car prices in London, that means cash in your bank account on the same day.  That’s why people use us – the extra cash always comes in handy!

  • Downsizing from a Two-Car Family to a One-Car Family

Of course, with all of the above, we’re getting lots of people looking to scrap a car near me in Ware because they no longer need two cars.  Long gone is the two-car family – one car is more than sufficient for weekend trips out with the kids.  With one or even both parents working from home, scrapping a car in Hertfordshire for the best price seems sensible.

  • People Want to be More Eco-Friendly

It’s not just the pandemic that has opened people’s eyes to climate change and protecting our planet, but it has definitely had more of an impact!  It’s another sign that we are encroaching on animal habitats, plus the cleaner air over lockdowns has changed road users’ views somewhat.  With less pollution down to fewer cars, bikes and vans on the road, it’s definitely had a positive impact, even if just for a few months.  More people than ever before are scrapping a van near me in Hertford for the best price from UKCarMovement – will you be one of the next?

  • People are More Health Conscious

The pandemic has made us all look at our own health far more critically than ever before.  When we were first locked down, with only an hour a day for exercise outdoors, more and more of us took to walking and cycling.  This habit has stuck and so many of us prefer to walk to the shops or take out their two wheels rather than four wheels – it’s better for our overall health, mentally and physically.  According to GoCompare.com, 27% more people cycle than before the pandemic and 11% of people take more exercise overall so we’re getting fitter as a nation. This is another reason why more people are looking to scrap a car near me in Cambridge for cash!  They’re relying on their legs to do all the work instead.

Ready to Scrap My Car in Herts?

Bearing in mind all of the above, do you still need your car, or do you think you’d be better off scrapping a car for cash near me in Biggleswade?  If you’re considering scrapping a car in London, Herts or Essex, consider UKCarMovement, the number one car scrapping service in Hertfordshire.  We’ll even collect your scrap vehicle from any address in London, Herts or Essex for free – so get in touch with our friendly team here and find out what you could get for scrapping a car near me in Potters Bar and beyond.

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