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Have You Ignored Your Car or Van Service?

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As everyone knows, every piece of machinery needs to be carefully looked after to perform to the optimum, most especially your car, van or motorcycle.  Ignoring your car service could end up being catastrophic.  Not only could you put yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk, any underlying problems that you don’t know about could become major issues.   When the mechanical problems come to light, they could also cost you a lot of money at a garage to put right.   Additionally, if you want to sell on your car, keeping its service history up-to-date will get you a better second-hand price (it’s even more advantageous to use the car servicing provided by your car’s manufacturer).  Of course, money is definitely an object for most people and we know that sometimes, finding a few hundred pounds to get your car serviced annually isn’t easy to get your hands on!  At UKCarMovement, the number one car scrapping service in London, Herts and Essex, we get a lot of customers through our doors who’ve overlooked their car service and simply don’t want to spend their money getting their car’s problems fixed. Especially when they’re not using their vehicle as much anymore. When they’ve searched the best scrap car prices near me in Hertford online, they’re lucky to have found us and they’ve decided they’re better off taking a nice sum of money for their scrap car in Herts instead.  Quite right!  But you can avoid scrapping a car in Essex if you religiously get your car serviced once a year as required.

Car Servicing is Necessary to Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle

There’s no doubt, getting a car, motorbike or van serviced is inconvenient, especially if you use your vehicle on a daily basis – you’ll likely go without your four wheels for a couple of days and maybe longer if your car needs extensive repairs.  However, car servicing is still worth the outlay especially if you want to hold onto your car for a few years longer. When you buy a car, it’s one of the factors you must think about so always consider the additional cost.  You might think that your car’s running fine, it doesn’t need a service, but your tyres, lights, exhaust and brakes need checking, your oil will likely need a change and your engine, clutch and other vital mechanics need to be surveyed by an expert too.  It’s essential.  The longer you leave it, the more problems your car will have.  If you do get your car serviced and there are multiple problems, then you might be better off scrapping a car near me in Ilford instead – imagine, you could put that sum of money towards a new car and you won’t need to worry about servicing a new car for a while, plus, faults on new cars don’t usually occur during that first year of use!  

The Pandemic Has Definitely Affected Car Servicing

With a global pandemic still raging, you might have decided to give your car service a miss this year and you won’t be alone. Plenty of road users haven’t used their cars as much over the past 18 months, so they don’t feel the need to take their vehicle for a car service.  In fact, one in five drivers (according to research conducted by Heycar) have skipped their car service and one in ten plan to delay their car service for yet another 12 months – but our advice at UKCarMovement is not to leave it any longer because restrictions have lifted and now’s a great time to do it!  


As well as your car service, your vehicle’s MOT has some important strings attached too – if something’s about to go wrong on your car and it doesn’t get its annual service it’s likely to affect its MOT status and you could end up with a fail.  Then, you’d have to get the repair organised and go through the costly MOT again to get your roadworthy certificate.  We have plenty of customers scrapping a car near me for the best price in Basildon because their car’s failed its MOT and it’s too costly to get the necessary repairs done.

If you regularly service your car you won’t have to worry about the above and you won’t be thinking I need to scrap my car in Bishop Stortford for cash – your car will likely last longer if it’s well cared for.

Can’t Face Costly Car Servicing?

Obviously, if you don’t use your car much, there’s no point in adding extra cost to it and perhaps you might be considering scrapping a car in Abbots Langley today instead – and why not?  With reputable, reliable UKCarMovement, the number one car scrapping service in Hertfordshire, you’ll always get a great deal when you scrap a car in Herts. We guarantee same-day car scrapping in London and Essex too and deposit your money direct to your bank account once we’ve recycled your car.  Did you know that we also offer a free, contactless collection service from any address in Essex, London or Hertfordshire for your convenience and, as we are an ATF registered scrapyard in Herts, you can count on us to organise your COD (Certificate of Destruction) for the DVLA.  So, to avoid expensive servicing your car and for the best car scrapping quote near me in Basildon and find out what your scrap car could be worth – there’s no need to shell out on a car service, when you could be quids in instead!

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