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Car Scrap Prices - June 2021

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As we are the number one car scrapping dealers in Hertfordshire, you can understand that keeping an eye on the best car scrapping prices near me is vitally important!  If you check through our blog (which is updated regularly with useful information on car scrapping in London), you will see that we endeavour to communicate best scrap car prices to our customers on a monthly basis.  So, if you’re looking to scrap a car in Hertford, scrap a van in Camden or you just want the best car scrapping quote in Essex, you can rely on UKCarMovement to provide you with the best scrap car prices near me.  Read on to find out what you could get, based on last month’s scrap car prices.

Another Record Month for Essex Car Scrapping Prices

June was yet another record month for scrap car prices in London.  While we saw extraordinary car scrapping prices in Herts in May, June has exceeded our expectations.  In fact, the past 12 months has seen a rise on a monthly basis andevery single month over the past year has delivered scrap car prices on average above £200.  That’s a car scrapping price record and one we hope will continue.  So, if you’re looking to scrap a car near me in St Alban’s, this is the best time to do it.   Before we move onto the price you could get for scrapping a car in Harlow, let’s remind you what you get with our car scrapping service in Hertfordshire.

A Scrap Car Service in Herts You Can Rely On

Firstly, it’s good to know that we’re really reputable.   We are ATF Registered, which means when you use us, you’re dealing with a company that’s certified and one you can rely on.  We also own our own scrapyard, so we give you all the profit you’re due.  There’s no middle-man involved so once your car or van arrives at our scrapyard in Herts, we get on with recycling it, we never sell it on.  On the topic of recycling, did you know that we recycle up to 95% of every car so we’re eco-friendly too.  We’ll also scrap a car near me on the same day, and we offer completely FREE collection and delivery, from any address in London, Herts or Essex.  We’ll make it contactless too for your safety (good to know as COVID-19 cases are on the rise yet again), we just need your log-book and car keys left in your car or a safe place.  No log-book?  No problem, check our blog here to find out what to do next.  We will also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which serves as proof that you’ve scrapped a car near me in Harpenden – oh, did we mention same-day money direct to your bank account and offering the best scrap car prices near me?  Get a quote here and scrap my car today near me!

A £259 Payment On Average for Scrap Cars

Back to the car scrap prices for June. The average price given for scrapping a car in Barnet was £259 – that’s an enormous rise on last year, up to 74%. Scrapping a car this July will give you more than £100 on last year’s year on year prices.  We’re sure this trend will continue especially as the restrictions are lifting in England but don’t risk the prices dropping, it’s summer so there could be a plateau.  So, if you are thinking of scrapping my car in Bishop’s Stortford, this is the best possible time to take advantage of the scrap car prices.  Do remember that lots of things affect the price you could get for your car.  There’s the demand for metal across the world, the age of your car, it’s weight, it’s condition and where you go to for the best car scrapping prices near me.

What You Could Get for your Scrap Car in London

The top car scrapped with us to get the best price over the last month was the Ford Focus and this has continually been the most popular car for scrapping over the past year.  If you want to scrap a Ford Focus, you’ll get 6% more than you did a couple of months back in May.  Compared with last June, you should get at least 75 to 80% more, last year the average price paid for a Ford Focus was £135.  Other enormously popular cars in June included both Vauxhalls, Corsa and Astra (in second and third place), and the Ford Fiesta.  You’ll also get good prices for your old Peugeot 206 and your broken Renault Clio. Expect approximately £250 for a Vauxhall, £210 for a Ford Fiesta and £122 for a Peugeot 206.  The Ford Focus could get you a nice £240, straight into your bank account on the very same day.

Ready for Car Scrapping in Hertfordshire?

We bet you’re ready to scrap a car in Chelmsford, in which case don’t delay – contact us and find out what you could get for your car.  Don’t forget, always use an ATF Registered Scrap Yard and remember, with UKCarMovement you are always in the best possible hands.  What could you do with some extra cash this summer?  Don’t think that you’re stuck at home without a car, public transport is reliable, imagine relaxing on a train journey to the beach without worrying where to park your unreliable, old car!  If that hasn’t convinced you – think of the good you’ll be doing for the environment.  Scrapping a car near me in Stevenage is definitely a great idea!

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