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Car Insurance, Car Tax and Scrapping a Car or Van (Or Other Vehicle)

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When you’ve made the decision to “scrap my car near me” in Herts, London or Essex, you need to use a reputable scrapyard that holds ATF certification.  That’s UKCarMovement, the leading scrap car dealers in London and Herts.  Our scrapyard is ATF registered, which means we’re compliant with the UK’s environmental regulations.  We recycle 95% of your car and anything hazardous, is disposed of carefully and responsibly.  Our customers love us – we’re full of useful advice and help scrapping cars in Herts, Essex or London.  Not only do we guarantee the best scrap car prices in London, we also aim to beat or at least match any quote you’ve already received.  We also offer a FREE collection and delivery service (which means you don’t have to book a tow truck to get to our scrapyard in Hertfordshire).  We’ll collect your scrap van or car from any address in St Albans or 30 mile radius.  So that’s the car scrapping in London part sorted – but what else do you have to bear in mind when you’re recycling your vehicle?

Money, COD, Car Insurance, Car Tax and More

When you scrap your car in Essex using UKCarMovement, you’ll get your money deposited into your bank account on the same day.   We’ll also issue your Certificate of Destruction which proves you got your car recycled in Herts and deregisters your car.  However, you might wonder what happens to your car insurance and your car tax once you’ve organised car scrapping near me?  We’ll give you our own, useful advice on car insurance and car tax when scrapping a car in Essex, London or Herts.

You Must Cancel Your Insurance!

If you decide to go for car scrapping in Herts then you do need to take care of your vehicle’s insurance, as you don’t want to make any unnecessary payments.  Not only that, if you don’t inform your insurance company that you’ve got rid of your car, and you choose the wrong scrap car dealer, you could still be liable for your vehicle.  This happens when an unreliable scrap dealer in Herts takes your car and sells it on, so it’s still in use!  If you haven’t informed your insurance company (and the DVAL too) – then you’re still liable.

Do You Have Your Log-Book?

So, first things first.  Make sure you have your V5C log-book.  Then, sign the sections of the log-book that states the car is no longer yours.  Now you no longer need insurance.  Don’t worry if you’ve lost your log-book – you won’t be the first person, or the last!   You can get another V5C sent to your home address here.  Sign your log-book before we collect your car because once we’ve got it in our hands, it comes under our own insurance, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Speak to Your Car Insurance Company

Next, it’s time to contact your insurers because you don’t want to part with any more money than you need to – you’re trying to make a little money after all and, as you no longer hold responsibility for your scrap vehicle, you don’t need to insure it.  Obviously, you might have paid your yearly car insurance up front, or you might be paying it in monthly instalments.  If it’s the former, you will get your money back on the coming months.  Even if you’ve paid for the month ahead, you should get reimbursed.  Speak to your insurance company to inform them you’ve scrapped your car and remember to ask if you’re due any money back.  It is their responsibility to return any monies owed, as part of the cancellation.  As for monthly installments, they’ll cease your payments (tell the bank as well to make sure no standing orders or direct debits remain activated).  Anything owed to you will be reimbursed.

What About My Car Tax?

Did you know that you can also claim back your car tax when you scrap a car in Essex, London or Herts?  If you know when your car tax is due, you should be able to work out how much you could get back.  As an example, if your tax is paid up to the end of July and it’s midway through May, you’ll get June and July back (but not the rest of May).

How to Get In Touch with the DVLA

To claim back your road tax for a scrap car, contact the DVLA.  Sending off the yellow V5C section of your log-book will automatically let the DVLA know that you’ve got rid of your car, so it’s no longer your responsibility and any tax rebate due will be sent as a refund.  There is another way to inform the DVLA that you’ve recycled your car in Herts.  You can do it online which is relatively quick and easy.  Just click this link https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-refund and follow the instructions.  Your car tax refund request will be dealt with in approximately six weeks.

We hope that’s helped you!  For any other queries relating to car scrapping near me in Herts, Essex or London, get in touch with our friendly customer services team here.  We’re happy to organise all your car scrapping needs, including the free of charge collection, delivery, Certificate of Destruction and transferring the money you get from your car scrapping that’s owed to you, direct into your bank account.  Happy car scrapping!

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