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Can I Scrap My Car if it Doesn't Have All of Its Parts?

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“I want to scrap my car in Herts!” Great, and it’s good to know that you’ve come to the right place. At UKCarMovement, we’ll scrap a car in London, Herts or Essex with no hassle to you at all. We’ll even come to your home (or any address in London, Herts or Essex) and remove your car for no extra charge at all – offering contactless collection for your safety too. All you need to leave us are your keys and log-book and we’ll get cash transferred the very same day.  We’ll even guarantee the best scrap car price in Herts because we’re a reputable car scrap dealer in your area with our own, ATF registered scrapyard in Hertfordshire. You know you’ve chosen well.  However, will we still scrap a car that doesn’t have all of its parts?  The answer is yes but if you have all your parts, you’ll get a better price.

However, at UKCarMovement, we will still accept a car that does not have all of its parts but be prepared, you won’t get as much money for your scrap vehicle in London, Herts or Essex if it doesn’t have all of its parts still fixed to the car. Don’t be put off though, perhaps your car doesn’t have all of its wheels?  Or maybe the engine has been removed? It could be that you’ve lost your log-book! We’ll still give you a good price for it.  Let’s see what happens when your car’s missing some of its parts.

My Car Has No Wheels

We can still collect your car, despite it not having all of its wheels, but we ask that you tell us if it has no wheels because we need to organise the right type of collection vehicle.  Please let us know when you get your initial quote from us.

I’ve Lost the Keys

That’s also fine, while we respectfully ask you to provide your car keys, if you no longer have them, we can still scrap a car in Herts without car keys.  Again, please let us know before we collect your car that it does not have the keys.

I’d Like to Remove the Car Stereo

That’s not a problem, you can remove the stereo from your scrap car or scrap van and we will still dispose of your vehicle for you.

Keeping the Number Plate

You might own a cherished number plate and want to keep hold of it – we completely understand.  You can get your number plate removed from your scrap car in Hertfordshire.  However, before you book UKCarMovement in to scrap your vehicle, transfer the number plate first, either onto another car/bike or van.  Alternatively, get hold of a Retention Document V778 before you book us in to collect your car.  If you don’t organise this before your car is scrapped, then the registration number will be destroyed during the scrapping process, and you won’t be able to use the number plate on another car or vehicle.  Retaining ownership is easy, just apply for it through your local DVLA office.

Can I Scrap My Car without its Log-Book?

Otherwise known as a V5C, your log-book is the document that confirms that you are responsible for your vehicle, including taxing it and its registration.  The document is used when you transfer ownership of your car.  That ownership could be if you sell it on as a second-hand car or if you want to scrap a car in Herts, London or Essex.  It is an essential document because it simplifies the process.  If you do have your V5, you’ll pass it on to us and keep the yellow part of the form which states your sale or transfer of your vehicle to the motor trade.  When you’ve got rid of a car, you must tell the DVLA what you’ve done with it – this confirms you’re no longer the vehicle’s keeper.   When we scrap a car in Herts at our ATF registered scrapyard, we send you a Certificate of Destruction that serves as proof that you scrapped your car.  Sometimes, we get customers that don’t have their V5 anymore.  We can still help – you can either get a replacement log-book which costs £25, and you get it from the DVLA.  However, we understand that you don’t want to spend money!  You’re scrapping a car in Herts (London or Essex) for money – the last thing you want to do is lay out more.  So, this is what we suggest you do.  

  • Get us to scrap your car in London, Hertfordshire or Essex
  • Write to the DVLA at DVLA, Swansea, SA99, 1BD
  • Enclose your own name and address
  • Tell them that you’ve scrapped your car and give them the date of scrapping
  • Enclose a copy of your COD (Certificate of Destruction)
  • Ensure you note down your number plate, vehicle make and model
  • Give the DVLA our name and address
  • Keep a copy of your letter

The DVLA should then de-register your car for you.   Make sure you follow the above steps, or you could be liable for a fine of up to £1,000.

So, as you can see, it’s best to have as many of the parts and the documentation you need to scrap a van in Essex, scrap a car in London or scrap a van in Hertfordshire.  However, if you don’t have everything, UKCarMovement can still help.   We promise we will do our best to obtain a great scrap car price and if you need to scrap a car today in Herts – that’s fine, we will still come to your address, collect your vehicle and do everything we can to make the experience as easy and convenient as possible.   Let us take care of all the detail while you just sit back, relax and wait for the same-day money transfer – just don’t forget to let the DVLA know if you no longer have your log-book to hand!

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