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If you’ve got an old car sitting on your driveway and you never use it, now is the time to think about scrapping it for cash.  At UKCarMovement, we scrap cars but we also scrap motorbikes, vans and other vehicles.  We’re also the number one car scrapping firm in North London, Hertfordshire and Essex and as we have our own scrap yard, there’s no third party involved.  We pass the profit onto you – so you genuinely get the best possible price for your scrap vehicle.  We’re also finding that more and more people are scrapping their cars now than ever before.  That’s because two car families are finding they only need one car and with a huge amount of people now working from home, there’s simply no need for a vehicle.   There are other good reasons to scrap your vehicle too, if it’s been involved in an accident and is irreparable or if its failed its MOT and it’s just not worth spending the money to fix it!

So if you want to scrap your car and get same-day payment into your bank account, here’s what you need to do.

Get In Touch

First, get in touch with our friendly customer services team to arrange your quote.  Click here to get started.  Next, we’ll value your car for you.  We base this on the scrap metal price (see this page link to how scrap is valued), it fluctuates every day so you might get a different quote at the end of the week compared to the beginning.  

Happy with Your Quote?

As a reputable car scrapping firm in North London, Hertfordshire and Essex, we guarantee that we will give you the best possible price for your scrap vehicle.  We’re sure you’ll be happy with your quote so the next step is for us to organise a convenient time for you to collect your vehicle.  We can collect from any address and, we’ll do a contactless collection service so you don’t even need to open the door! All we ask from you is for your car or other vehicle’s keys and your V5 document.

We Scrap Your Car

Then it’s over to us to scrap your car.  We’ll take it to our own, registered ATF scrap yard and scrap it for you. We should mention how important it is to use a registered ATF scrap yard as many companies use a third-party scrap yard, they sell your vehicle on and you lose out on getting all the profit.  So, when you choose us, we’ll sort everything out for you and once your vehicle has been scrapped, we’ll send over what we owe you and you’ll have your money in your bank account the very same day.  

Certificate of Destruction

It’s important to use a reputable car scrapping service because you’ll need documentation to prove you’ve scrapped your vehicle.  Once we’ve scrapped your car, we’ll issue you with a COD (certificate of destruction) and then you’re all set!  Cash in your bank account and proof that your car has been scrapped.

For more information, get in touch here.

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When it comes to scrap your car you need to find a registered AFT scrap yard to do so. This is because you need to get a “COD” certificate of destruction to confirm this.

There are lots of business who buy scrap cars and then take the car to an ATF yard and re sale the car to them for a profit. So in this case you will receive a lower amount for your vehicle as you have not gone direct to the yard yourself, this could be as not all ATF yards offer recovery collections.

Are you looking to scrap your car?

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