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This insurance category relates to cars that have been in an accident. Your car is then categorised as N and it’s likely that your car can’t be repaired or it will cost too much so scrapping your category N car is the best option. Rest assured, UKCARMOVEMENT provides the very best scrap prices possible for all insurance category N cars.  We are the leading car scrappage company in Abbot’s Langley (and beyond) and Essex’s best online car scrappage service.  

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So, what makes a car a category N and how does it impact the car’s value?

Category N is a relatively new insurance term, it used to be Category D and stands for a car that has been involved in a car accident but hasn’t suffered structural damage.  It relates to cosmetic or electrical car problems, or it could be a problem with important parts. So, there’s damage that needs repairing or the car has suffered significant damage that has been repaired.  Think twice before buying a Category N car as if the damage hasn’t been rectified, it could be costly!

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We buy any car for scrap – and any van for scrap in Barnet and beyond.  There’s no need to go through the stress of trying to sell your Category N car privately when you can easily just scrap your Category N car in Hoddesdon and the surrounding areas or scrap your car in London. 

Try our service now, put your Category N car registration number into our system and get an instant online quote now.

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